Meet The Team

EO Meet The Team

Look forward to working with only the best, most enthusiastic and dedicated property professionals at Elliot Oliver. We’re always here to help you sell or let your property – with more than 30 years’ combined industry experience!

Our goal is to give you an exceptionally high standard of personal service that achieves fast and efficient results for you as an individual. We take pressure off you during home moves or property refurbishments – and help you get more from your property.



I’m Oliver Bishop, founder and driving force at Elliot Oliver. I’m passionate about property and obsessive about attention to detail – especially when your property dream is involved. I lead and support my team strongly as they deliver the bespoke service you deserve. My mantra? ‘Take care of clients; treat everyone as individuals’ – from property’s high-flyers to the despairing tenant I once talked back from the brink…

My background? Five years’ managerial and directorial roles in Cheltenham and Birmingham agencies. Managing an Iranian businessman’s 200-plus properties. Nine years’ senior and area management for Lidl and Tesco. And being a buy-to-let landlord since 2004. That’s the experience at your disposal.

I’m hands on and rarely switch off. Home means emailing clients and checking markets. ‘9 to 5’ means leading from the front: viewings, marketing, vendor and landlord meetings, and property inspections. Above all, making sure you enjoy an exceptional property service.

It’s not all work. R&R is socialising with my girlfriend, friends and family, Lady Antebellum or Andrea Bocelli on Play, UFC martial arts on TV, cars, interior design and revitalising travel..

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I’m Justin, co-owner of Elliot Oliver, lettings specialist, weekend ‘forest warrior’, husband of Kerry, Seth’s dad and pre dawn walker of Hugo and Jasper.

There’s Diana Krall and The Lighthouse Family on the car stereo, 25 years in property on my CV and The Thomas Crown Affair in my DVD library (the Pierce Brosnan remake: knocks socks off the original!).

Though Cheltenham’s the centre of my world, I’ve Welsh blood in my vains! So guess what? My passion, when I’m not golfing, footballing or doing triathlon, is… Rugby!

And property, especially lettings. My guiding principles after managing hundreds of homes? Phone on, communicate, focus on you and treat you as I’d like to be treated. Result? The special rapport that secures your dream property or a profitable sale.

Elliot Oliver wowed me with their fresh, honest approach to property. And the enlightened mix of technology and a comfortable welcome that’s more like home than being at a typical estate agent.

It’s all true (or I wouldn’t be here). Call and discover for yourself. I don’t bite! Not even when summoned to a leaky pipe en route to my wife’s maternity ward bedside…

That’s customer care: my way; the Elliot Oliver way.



Property fascinates me. Even honeymooning in Mexico, I was checking out the mud and straw- buildings and Mayan ruins. We’ve got great properties in Cheltenham, but nothing like that!

As a property manager, I co-ordinate all aspects of my allocated rentals. I’ve worked in Cheltenham lettings for years, but nowhere like here. I love the variety, which is why I originally moved from the electrical trade – of course, the skills come in handy.

My guiding philosophy is about service and finding new ways to delight clients, such as the fixed-fee maintenance package I designed for one landlord. I’m a stickler for good communications, balancing professionalism and levity, and maturely handling tricky situations. Like a pre-arranged visit where, despite following protocol, I surprised a couple indulging in, er, intimacies… Nothing surprises me now! Try me! 

After hours, I support Manchester United, walk our Instagram-star beagle with my wife Steph, and own a gecko. As a keen herpetologist, I’ve owned pythons and boa constrictors too – not a great idea with a small dog! 

I’m also a drummer, currently practising to Judas Priest’s ‘Painkiller’! Then it’s back to those lovely Cheltenham rentals we’re so good at finding.



I’m Phil ‘The Help’, lettings manager, occasional runner, with little interest in sport, but crazy about music. That’s why I play piano at Cheltenham restaurant Zizzi when I’m not looking after lettings. Musical influences include Coldplay and Michael Kiwanuka, with Bowie’s Blackstar in the car at the moment (a little Citroen, not the Rolls-Royce I think Elliot Oliver should buy!).

I’ll get a buzz matching you and your ideal property, especially if it isn’t something you originally thought of. Alongside integrity, service and classy properties, that’s what we’re about here.

Having recently become a landlord, I can relate to your letting requirements. That was while I worked in London for a while – before the Cotswolds called me back. London’s OK, but there’s something special about Cheltenham’s range of property – from Regency mansions to entry-level gems waiting to be found if you only know where to look.

There’s virtually nothing (legal and decent) I won’t do to help you. One client was so thrilled by my efforts to pull the perfect rental ‘from the hat’ that she gave me her house-trained rabbit (it was a ‘no pets’ house). That was unexpected; ‘Ted’ and I now live happily together!



The biggest lessons I learned in property letting before joining Elliot Oliver were the importance of honesty and following up everything.

Joining such an ambitious small property business has challenged me in new ways compared to the large companies I worked for before – and the winner is you, our property client. That’s because handling all aspects of our office management and property co-ordination uses my experience like nothing I’ve done before.

Cheltenham’s a world away from Southport where I grew up. But my experience, attention to detail, unflappability and problem solving are key to your rewarding property-management experience. When we work together, look forward to my northern warmth, integrity, professionalism and efficiency. Like my colleagues, I’ll dirty my hands too – I had to when a tenant left dirty crocks in a property and I called in after work to spirit them away before a new occupier arrived… it’s all in a day’s work.

Then it’s the gym for me, Calvin Harris or Maceo Plex on the stereo, and home to whatever sport my boyfriend’s enjoying – or World of Warcraft. Yes! I’ve a competitive streak; we should get a lime green Elliot Oliver tank to help us demolish the competition.

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I joined Elliot Oliver in 2015 with a background in senior-level Wholesale appliance sales and property letting. I love the challenge, the team’s integrity and our amazing customers.

When we meet, you’ll notice that I’m ultra-focused, whatever I’m doing. It’s the same whether I’m finding you the best rental property, looking for life’s next lesson, reading Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ or immersed in an Ed Sheeran CD. I’m always looking for ways to a better, more helpful, consultative sale. I’ve even seen The Wolf of Wall Street six times and love it’s positive lessons for anyone in business.

My focus is on getting to really know and understand you and finding new ways to do ‘better’ better for you. That’s what excites me. Your dream rental’s out there, in a stylish contemporary property or one of Cheltenham’s fascinating Regency masterpieces. I’ll find it for you.

In my book, successful people do what other people won’t. No challenge is too difficult – if it’s a tough one, it just means I need to work out how to improve. But not at any cost, because integrity is everything and I only get one chance to prove it. And I will.



My role as Elliot Oliver’s ‘Saturday girl’ belies the admin and client care skills I bring to welcome you and give the weekend’s best ‘meet and greet’ service in Cheltenham property.

I’m a rower, for whom the Oxford and Cambridge boat race is the year’s sporting highlight. Like a perfectly coxed eight, our team is surging forward on the local property scene. It’s an exciting time to be on Elliot Oliver’s start-up team. Learning the property business perfectly complements my weekday work in recruitment. And the client-liaison skills that are vital when matching candidates to jobs are equally important in property sales and letting.

Although I’m only in on Saturdays, my passion for property and meeting people makes this a favourite part of the week. It’s always exciting to see the new properties since last weekend. Then there’s your viewing or valuation to book in, office administration and marketing, and listening attentively to your property requirements. I love it.

And when I’m not at work? I’ll be at the gym, attending keep fit and Zumba, or relaxing with my partner, friends and family.



Hi! Cześć! I’m Karolina, Sales & Lettings Co-ordinator, Jess Glynne fan, no sports allegiance and I melt around animals!

Whether in English or polskie, I mean business – and love being part of our professional, competitive and refreshing approach to property.

I take no nonsense, especially from myself! No-one’s tougher on me than me; always pushing to exceed expectations, keep you updated and make you feel special. I love leaving people saying ‘Wow!’

Impossible? Can’t? I don’t know the meaning of the words. I’ll ask ‘how?’, or for colleagues’ help, but if something’s in my power to do for you, I’ll find a way.

Yes, I’m a ‘bit’ determined as you understated Brits say. Detail minded too; an efficiency and customer service perfectionist. It’s served me well in property. I love every minute; the variety of Cheltenham homes; the lovely people like you…

I’m not ‘Duracell Bunny’ all the time; I balance professional drive with approachability and patience. And relaxation at evenings and weekends with my lovely hubby, gorgeous kids and puppy as we walk Leckhampton Hill, make authentic bigos or dream about American monster trucks. Oliver, could we have one in company colours please?



Administration and accounting support for a young, vibrant team takes calmness, customer focus, integrity and loads of property experience. That’s me, Georgy!

Years in sales and lettings accounting means you’re in confident hands for bills and payments. My eyes are on every penny of rents and deposits. And count on me to be calm and meticulous with other admin – from contractor liaison to helping with business-critical projects.

After hours, a passion for pole and boxing fitness, aerial hoops and silks renews me after another day with a successful property agency. And when I’m not emulating Charlize Theron in the Dior ad, I’m probably cheering-on two rugger-mad sons …

Nothing fazes me (not even tricky numbers or stuck lifts). Thinking on my feet and handling the unexpected probably comes from growing up in an army family! As does seeing different perspectives, knowing when to speak (or keep quiet) and keeping promises.

Meeting lovely people, deadlines and sales targets, and giving great service make my perfect day. Actually, complete perfection would be an Aston DB9 (matching our sleek professionalism) to drive home – while unwinding with Radio 1 and celebrating another day at Cheltenham’s best sales and lettings agency! Oliver?



I’d never worked in property before joining our lettings and sales admin team. That’s good! I bring fresh perspective and loads of client-service experience from working front-of-house in a stylish Cotswolds hotel and managing a busy Cheltenham coffee shop. 

As a lifelong Arsenal fan, I can hold my own with my sportiest colleagues. Teamwork’s my thing – and hating to see unhappy clients. Being in hospitality gave loads of opportunities to use initiative to help customers: a wedding anniversary couple whose booking was mislaid; a single-mum with two boisterous toddlers. Sorted! I’ll do the same for you – planning so things go smoothly; updating everyone; treating you as I’d want to be treated; and never promising what I can’t deliver – even though I don’t like saying no!

More about me? I love Drake’s music and I’m going to buck the trend and nominate an animal, not a car, to represent Elliot Oliver. How about a lion (my favourite film’s The Lion King) – a classy, noticeable, show-stopper like Elliot Oliver! 

And something the team doesn’t know about me? I travelled independently in Thailand for a month with nothing booked. But I’ll be infinitely better organised when I help you. Promise!



I’ve always loved property, even though my first business experience was in the family engineering firm.

Now, I love being property consultant here. Meeting people fits my gregarious personality. After hours, I engage people as a club DJ – and as scrum half with a local rugby team. Yes, I’m sporty. As well as playing rugby, I’ve skied since age four. Black runs at Trois Vallées? No problem.

Being young, keen to learn and bringing a fresh outlook is key. And unceasing professionalism works as well at work as when playing Pitbull’s ‘Hotel Room’. You’re paying; you get 100%.

Why Cheltenham property? I love selling and Cheltenham’s packed with great properties.  I’d love to match Michelle ‘Our Girl’ Keegan to one of town’s luxury properties – with pool, cinema room, great views and all the extras. Watch me close the deal!

I’m young, ambitious, yet realistic about what I’ve got to learn. I’ll do it, and if I make mistakes I’ll be first to fess up and put it right.

Now to that company vehicle we get asked to suggest. How about a Ferrari 812 Superfast? And the new company mascot should be a horse – fast moving, elegant with staying power. Like Elliot Oliver. And me!



Gloucestershire property’s a world apart from the famous bronze-age cave homes in Cappadocia.I’ve come a long way since my Turkish childhood – geographically as well as in property terms.

Since 2002, I’ve gained a deep knowledge of Gloucestershire property with several corporates. The names were big and the experience was valuable, but none brings Elliot Oliver’s fresh, modern approach.  Becomingsales manager is a wonderful challenge.

As well as experience, I bring practical skills – including being a qualified plumber. It’s another profession where professionalism and reliability are everything. They’re my guiding philosophies, along with resolving issues immediately and always going further for you. Viewings at unusual times? Naturally! I’ve even helped clients move, cut grass and re-decorated property to sell it!

After hours, I enjoy sports with my children – my son plays for Cheltenham Tigers’ under 10s. I also enjoy weightlifting after a busy day.

For a dream client and Cheltenham property, how about renting the Beckhams a luxury apartment in the heart of Cheltenham? Hopefully I won’t get locked in the bathroom and have to climb out the back window; it’s happened…

As for that lime-green and grey company vehicle and mascot, how about a Bugatti Veyron. And Tigger, who’s always lively,friendly and helpful – like our team.

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