2017’s Best Home Improvements

Added on July 1st 2017

We all know that home improvements help to sell properties and to secure the best asking prices, but not all home improvements are equal, it seems. Some are more popular and effective, while others are more of an also-ran, attracting little more attention than routine maintenance.

GoCompare Home Insurance compiled the top ten home improvements recently and the results might surprise you.

New bathrooms were by far the favourite, with 39% of homeowners installing one within the last five years.

The kitchen was just behind in popularity, with 38% revamping the heart of their home. In a more functional move, 34% of householders invested in a new boiler or central heating system.

Looking to the outside, just over a quarter (26%) gave their garden space an overhaul, with the same number installing double glazing.

Extensions are still in the top ten, with 17% of homeowners breaking new ground.

Open-plan living spaces are still fairly popular, with 12% knocking through internal walls. Solar panels were equally in favour, at 12%, with loft spaces coming in at 10% and extra bedrooms at 9%

Overall, 43% of homeowners performed some sort of major work on their properties. It’s clear to see that modern bathrooms and kitchens, as well as efficient heating are the biggest priorities for owners and buyers alike.

If you’re selling

If you’re selling, or about to go to market, you’ll be looking for changes and improvements that’ll bump up your asking price. It seems that it’s smaller, internal improvements that carry the most weight – modernised bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems are top of the list. An extra bedroom, for example, isn’t a priority for everyone, but everyone wants to save money on fuel.

If you’re buying

You’ll also be interested in the kitchen and bathroom. They’re often viewed as the two most important rooms in a home, so if you can find a property where the work’s been done for you, it’s worth paying extra! Of course, you might be looking out for new solar panels and efficient new heating instead and chances are, looking at the poll results, you’ll find them.

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