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About Katie

Although I’ve got a background in event management and interior design, property is my first love and so my role as property manager at Elliot Oliver is a natural step for me. It’s a lively, fast-moving office here and so I fit in! I’m really enthusiastic about my role here and I’m looking forward to my journey with Elliot Oliver.

To be successful in property management you must be able to balance the needs of the landlord and those of the tenants. You’re the interface for both parties and working out a solution that keeps landlord and tenant happy is quite a balancing act, but it’s also a very enjoyable one. Having a good sense of humour and great communication skills is also very important.

Working in Cheltenham is ideal for me as the town has such beautiful architecture and there are some stunning properties here. It’s quite a change from one of my previous roles – managing outdoor events in South Africa – as this job involved checking venues for rhinos and other animals before we started work!

Outside of Elliot Oliver my life is pretty lively too. I go to the gym a lot, where I swim, meet friends and even manage to relax a bit! I also love to go on walks with friends, travel whenever possible and get out and about to lots of events and activities. Asian food is a big favourite of mine and so I’m always trying out new dishes at home.

My ideal landlord is someone who’s relaxed and lets you do your job. I’d have loved to manage property for someone like the late Lord Bath as he was very eccentric and would have made me laugh a lot. His Longleat Estate was famous for wild parties and so I’d have been able to do some celeb spotting while I worked!

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