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About Kelly

Retail was yesterday; now I’m accounts admin here  and love the challenge. I may be the bubbly,  personality-packed bringer of ice-breaking jokes but I  match my outgoing nature with unwavering  professionalism and an eye for detail and co ordination that was just made for accounting.  

Alongside always treating clients as I’d want to be  treated, I won’t be the first of our team to say that  honesty is my compass. Whether looking after your  interests or chasing shoplifters when I worked in  retail, honesty has a bearing on everything in  business. 

Unwinding after a busy day looking after clients. I love  chilling with some classic old-school music and a big  glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve recently  got into F1 too; Lewis Hamilton is great, but I must  admit to a soft-spot for Max Verstappen as well… 

Now there’s a promotional idea. Showing our colours  around Cheltenham is good, but how about thinking  really big with global F1 sponsorship on a Mercedes or  Red Bull next year?…

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