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Almost 270 Green New Homes Coming to Cheltenham

  • 1 year ago

The first phase of the Elms park development got the green light at the end of March after the plans went before the council’s planning committee.

Also known as Swindon Farm, the development is part of a wider building project proposal which could mean more than 4,000 new homes coming to the area. As well as the homes, the development will feature a 10-hectare office park, retail, community and healthcare facilities, as well as two new primary schools and a secondary school.

Greener homes for the site

This first phase will mean 266 new homes for Cheltenham – 93 of which are to be affordable. The homes will all have low-carbon air source heat pumps, solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles.

The building scheme has also committed to safeguarding a network of green spaces, trees and hedgerows, as well as preserving areas around waterways. There’ll also be a public open space in the centre of the site, complete with pond areas to collect rainwater to reduce flooding risks.

Elms Park is coming at the right time

Councillor Martin Harwood, member for customer and regulatory services, said he welcomes the new homes, especially as they’re coming during a time of real efforts to reduce climate change.

Cheltenham, Cllr Harwood added, no longer expects new homes to have gas, with EV chargers, heat pumps and solar panels becoming the norm with new builds. Persimmon Homes’ efforts to protect biodiversity on the site are also very welcome, he said.

An Environmental Impact Assessment could be next

The next steps are for the Secretary of State to confirm whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required and a section 106 agreement needs to be completed for a range of planning obligations.

The Secretary of State now needs to conform whether the development needs an Environmental Impact Assessment and whether a Section 106 agreement needs to be put in place for various planning obligations. 

If you want more information on the council’s commitment to Net Zero carbon then head here


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