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Another Lightning Tour of Cheltenham’s Villages

  • 1 year ago
Another Lightning Tour of Cheltenham’s Villages

Everyone, tourists and locals alike, loves a classic English village and Cheltenham has more than its fair share. If you’re looking to move into the area you could do much worse than check out these three places.


Around five miles south of Cheltenham, Brockworth is listed in Domesday Book as “Broco-wardinge”, or “homestead by the brook” (the brook in question now being known as the Horseferry Brook).

There’s an old Norman church in the village and evidence of a pre-Roman settlement turns up every now and then. Brockworth also sports a classic Tudor manor house – Brockworth Court Farm.

The Romans settled in the area as well, with the ruins of a Roman villa located near Coopers Hill Farm.

Nowadays, a two-bedroomed flat will cost around £300,000 and the village has a good range of shops, a post office and a GP surgery.

Charlton Kings

Set on the eastern outskirts of Cheltenham, Charlton Kings used to be dominated by arable and dairy farming, with barley forming an important crop, especially for the beer industry.

There’s still some farming going one in Charlton Kings, as well as some light industry, but most residents commute into Cheltenham or further afield. The village has a lot going on, with lots of clubs, evening classes and societies based there.

You can buy a semi-detached house for £575,000 in Charlton Kings and the village has quite a bit of history, as it was the home of Victorian poet Sydney Dobell and the real Tailor of Gloucester is buried in the nearby cemetery.


Prestbury is synonymous with the Cheltenham Races, with the main racecourse being Prestbury Park. Many famous racing personalities have lived in the village, including Tom Oliver, the rider of three Grand National winners. At one time, many racehorses trained in Prestbury but there are no longer stables there.

You can buy a semi-detached house for £425k in Prestbury, but do be aware that you may be sharing your new street with the ghost of a Cavalier killed there during the Civil War…

Thankfully, you’ll also be sharing the village with quite a few shops, a popular community club and some great pubs.

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