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Bagging that Summer Sale

  • 11 months ago

Bagging that Summer Sale

We all know that summer is a great time for house viewings and as a result a great time to sell, but this season does take some managing if you’re going to do it right and get a great price.

Here are some tips for making the long days and hot weather work for you.


Make an amazing first impression

Your garden should be at its best at this time of year, so use it to your advantage by filling window boxes with bright blooms and trimming hedges to expose more of your garden and frontage. If you have borders in your front garden, make sure they’re awash with colour and look as neat as possible, Jet washing your garden path won’t hurt, either.

Cool down your interior

Your house almost certainly doesn’t have aircon, but you can make the place feel cool and inviting by opening windows to get air moving and preventing the place from feeling muggy or stale.


Remember to eliminate smells

In the winter months, the smell of baking bread and fresh coffee can help to make people fall in love with your home. However, during the summer, lingering food smells are more likely to be a turn off, especially if they emanate from your bin. Empty your bins and deep clean your sinks before viewings to make sure there’s no unpleasant smells caused by warm temperatures.

Clean your windows

Dirty windows block some of the natural sunlight and also prevent viewers from seeing your surroundings properly. In addition to this, the sunlight in summer can show smudges, dirt and deposits on your windows, so make sure they’re spotless.


Make the most of your garden

It might be a landscaped lawn to rival Versailles or it might be a postage stamp, but it’s what you have, so work with it. Whatever you can do to improve the appearance of your garden, do it. If this means bringing in a few hanging baskets or cultivating a living wall, so be it. 


Go alfresco

If you have room for a barbecue and garden furniture, then invest in some or make sure your existing sets look their best.

The idea is to make viewers see themselves enjoying some alfresco entertainment in your garden next summer. Go all out – fairy lights, lanterns, outdoor cushions and even a croquet set – if it sparks imagination, it works.


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