Capturing Your Best Side

Added on November 13th 2020

The best side of your home, that is (unless you’re planning to throw yourself in for free to your buyers)!

Taking the best possible photos of your home for a property brochure or website is really important as they can make the difference between a swipe left and a sale.

Buyers want to see as much of the place as possible, so when your agency’s photographer arrives, you need to make to make sure that it’s access all areas and that all of those areas are looking great.

Tidy the place up

Your photos are most likely forever (or, at least, until you sell). You need, therefore, to tidy up and even to stage some areas. Your estate agent can advise you about staging – it can be as simple as polishing the table and placing an attractive fruit bowl on it – so follow their ideas. Make the beds, hide away any clutter or toys and clear your kitchen work surfaces.

Sort out the lighting

All of the corners need to be illuminated, so move lamps around as the photographer suggests, open the curtains wider than usual and remove any big, bulky or dark objects that can cast shade or gloom. You can replace them later- or maybe you’ll realise it’s time they went anyway.

It’s all in the details

Look at the photos already on your estate agent’s website. Notice how towels are all neatly folded on a bathroom shelf? The toothbrushes are all lined up and there’s no trace of toothpaste all over the flawless mirror, right? In the kitchen you can see the sunlight reflecting on the polished chrome of the kettle and the table is set with a tasteful centrepiece. It’s an illusion! However, it’s an illusion that makes people pause as they’re scrolling, and once they’ve paused, they might just book a viewing.

Spruce up the garden

Weed, deadhead, rake, trim, tidy. Mow the lawn, hide away the rubbish and recycling bins, clean or store away any garden furniture. If you have a dog, chickens or guinea pigs, make sure their toys and living quarters also get a makeover.

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