Carpet or Wood? The Choice is Yours

Added on December 9th 2017

After decades of wall-to-wall carpets, the last ten or 15 years have seen a big resurgence of wooden floors. Both solutions have their pros and cons, of course, despite trends coming and going. If you’re about to renovate a floor, then you may well be weighing up the two options, so here’s a quick rundown to help you do just that.

Wood doesn’t date

A wooden floor won’t suddenly go out of date or become the butt of jokes like your gran’s dizzying swirly carpet. These floors are neutral and will work with pretty much every style or colour scheme without clashing.

Wood is also easier to clean than carpet, as it doesn’t absorb liquids and can be ideal for a home with pets. Allergy sufferers also benefit from wooden floors as they can be kept scrupulously clean and free of dust and other allergens.

However, wooden floors are more expensive than most other types. You can get luxury vinyl tiles or engineered flooring, or you could look for reclaimed flooring, of course, if your budget is an issue.

There’s also the chill factor to take into account. Unless you have underfloor heating (which some experts advise against), then your shiny wooden floor will often feel a bit cold underfoot. This can make it unsuitable for bedrooms and playrooms; it’s also unsuitable for high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens as the water can warp it.

Hallways and living spaces, however, can be transformed by gleaming wooden floors; they can make a big impact on visitors (and buyers). If cold feet are a concern, then you can always throw down a warm rug or two.


Carpets are warmer than wooden floors, as you can no doubt imagine; they’re also soft and they absorb sound, making them ideal for flats and upstairs rooms. They also help to provide some insulation if they’re downstairs.

There’s also a lot more choice when it comes to patterns and colours with carpets – you can make a real statement with a carpet and this flooring is also cheaper and easier to lay down.

On the downside, carpets are notoriously difficult to clean and they will need to be replaced after a number of years. They can stain, absorb water and allergens and if you have pets, they will start to smell eventually. They’re also, like wooden floors, unsuitable for humid areas like kitchens and especially bathrooms.

So, what will work for you? A combination of wood and rugs? Wood downstairs and carpets in the bedrooms? It’s up to you…

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