Get the Price Right

Added on October 1st 2020

One of the first things you think about when deciding to put your property on the market is how much you’d like to get for it and how much you’re likely to get for it. These two figures are rarely in accordance with one another, as you’d obviously like to sell for as much money as possible without taking into account what’s probable! Finding the best compromise between fantasy and reality is the best place to start, as long as you err on the side of reality… The first steps to setting the right price A reliable, local estate agent is your go-to when it comes to setting a sensible asking price. You should get an honest valuation, eve... Read more


Staging to Sell

Added on October 1st 2020

When you put your property on the market, you want it to sell; to sell quickly and to sell at the right price. In order to help you to reach this goal, you need to showcase your home in its best possible light. The first thing you need to is to take a step back from your property and look at it through the eyes of someone who may or may not buy it. You need to be critical and then concentrate on the areas and features that don’t quite make the grade. Start outside Start with the garden path, the lawn, the front door and the windows so that you’re bumping up your curb appeal. Repaint the front door (or replace it if it’s beyond redemptio... Read more


What You Need to Know About Radon Gas

Added on October 1st 2020

Buying a new property can be daunting at the best of times, but if you find that your new home is in a radon-affected area then this can add more complications to the process.  You may be told by the estate agent or vendor that the property is in a so-called radon gas postcode, or you might find out yourself by visiting to see if it’s in a radon area. What is radon? Radon is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas. It’s also radioactive and so it’s very important to find out whether it’s in or around a property that you’ll be living in. As radon is tasteless, odourless and invisible, you need specialist equipment ... Read more


Adding Water Features to Your Garden

Added on October 1st 2020

Water features can add soothing sounds and a cooling effect to your garden, as well as bringing in more interest and a focal point to your outdoor space. A fountain or a pond is also beneficial to wildlife and can be a big draw for birds and insects, as well as smaller mammals like squirrels. If you’re thinking about adding a water feature to your garden, then here’s ?? tips to help you to make a success of it. Decide what sort of mood you’re aiming for Are you looking to create a social space, like a small swimming pool or a wildlife zone like a pond? If you’re trying to bring some zen into your garden then a subtle fountain could wo... Read more


How to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Property this Autumn

Added on October 1st 2020

Autumn is one of the best times to go to market as people are back from their summer holidays (even if it was a staycation this year!), the kids are back at school and the idea of being in a new home by Christmas is tempting. There’s a lot of factors going for you if you decide to sell in autumn, but you can help yourself along even further by following these tips. Use more lights inside and outside the house The nights are drawing in and once it gets to late October, late afternoon and evening viewings will be in darkness. To combat this and to show off your home as much as possible, increase the amount of light both inside and in the gard... Read more


How Much Could an Extra Bathroom Add to Your Property Value

Added on October 1st 2020

When it comes to adding value to your property, your first thought might be an extension, a loft conversion or a new kitchen. You might not think, however, about adding a second bathroom and you’re less likely to think about adding a third.  You could well be missing a trick, because these days, many buyers are looking for at least two bathrooms. If you can offer this, then you’re more likely to attract interest and, even better, command a higher asking price. More than 70% of the UK’s estate agents believe that additional bathrooms help to sell properties. What are the benefits of an extra bathroom? Of course, each property will vary ... Read more


The Government Extends its Equity Loan Scheme Until Next February

Added on October 1st 2020

The government recently extended its Help to Buy equity loan scheme. This means that buyers with deposits of at least 5% have until February 28 2021 to buy a new-build property. The deadline for the legal completion of sales remains unchanged at March 31 2021. The scheme should have been ending at the end of 2020, but construction delays caused by the covid 19 pandemic put almost 20,000 Help to Buy sales in jeopardy. The government decided that an extension to the scheme was a good solution. How does Help to Buy work Launched in 2013, Help to Buy was aimed at people who could afford mortgage payments but who found it difficult to save up the ... Read more


Energy Efficiency Grants for Homes in England

Added on October 1st 2020

The government is offering grants to householders and landlords in England so they can make their properties more energy-efficient. The £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme starts at the end of September and the work must be completed by March 31 2021. How does the Green Homes Grant scheme work? The government will offer a voucher worth up to £5,000 (up to £10,000 for low-income households) to help to pay for new energy-efficient improvements to a property. The voucher goes directly to the installer from the government, so you only need to cover “your” portion of the costs. Improvements include measures like extra insulation to reduce e... Read more


Increase Your Asking Price by Adding a Driveway

Added on August 18th 2020

The number of cars in the UK has increased steadily since the end of World War II and while you tend to think of cars as existing solely on the roads, they actually spend more time parked. In order to park your car, you need somewhere to park it and as the number of cars has increased, on-road parking spaces have become harder to find. When someone’s looking at a property, one of the first things they’ll think about is the parking situation.  Having no dedicated parking space can deter buyers If a potential buyer has to park their car a street or two away from the property, it can be a dealbreaker. Insurers don’t like it too much eithe... Read more


Making Your Rented House Feel More Like a Home

Added on August 18th 2020

One of the biggest downsides to renting is that you can’t make any permanent changes to the property to personalise it. You can still make your rental property feel like “yours” if you use a few clever decorating and furnishing tricks. Use matching colours By using matching soft furnishings, like cushions, curtains, rugs and bedding, you can make a place feel more like you, especially if you have a particular theme. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to paint any walls, so this is how you bring your favourite hues in. Painting your own furniture is also a possibility, but make sure you don’t splash the floor… Try removable wall sticke... Read more

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