Tips for Buying and Selling as We (Hopefully) Come to the End of Covid

Added on October 13th 2021

Although it’s tempting to think that the covid pandemic is all but over, there are still many cases being reported each day and while the proportion of vaccinated people rises each day, there are still instances of repeat infections. We’ve learned to live with this virus in a surprisingly short period of time and many aspects of our lives have returned to “normal”, but with some caveats. Buying and selling property has resumed, but as this involves entering into someone else’s house and staying there for ten or more minutes, it’s a good idea to observe some protective measures to keep everyone involved safe. Have a virtual viewing... Read more


How to Deal with Problem Neighbours

Added on October 13th 2021

Most people’s neighbours are great. They’re there to help with jump-starting your car, lending power drills and even sharing a bottle of wine on the odd occasion. There are some neighbours who aren’t so great, however, and these neighbours keep the street awake with raucous all-night parties, throw cigarette butts over the fence, steal Amazon deliveries or, in the worst case, threaten and harass the other occupants of the street. If you’re having problems with a neighbour, then don’t just despair, as you may well be able to resolve the issue before you give up and sell up. How to deal with a neighbour dispute These sorts of disputes... Read more


Interiors Trends for 2022

Added on October 13th 2021

As a result of the covid pandemic, our homes have really become our castles, our keeps, our offices, our studios and even our holiday homes. It’s no wonder that many of us are primed to redecorate and even remodel our interiors in 2022. Giving our homes a new look will help us to shake off the turmoil of the last two years, as well as show our homes how much we appreciate them. If you’re looking for inspo for your post-covid redecoration project, then look no further because here are the trends that are set to grace many an interior next year. People will still be organic in 2022 Bamboo, raw natural materials and reclaimed wood were all p... Read more


Getting Your Property Ready for Market

Added on October 13th 2021

When you’re about to go to market, there’s quite a few things you can do to increase your chances of a swift and smooth sale. As with many aspects of life, the key is preparation, preparation, preparation. Declutter The one thing that great interiors photoshoots have in common is the clutter and tat – or rather the lack thereof. Removing piles of letters, old newspapers, clothes and books lets people focus on the space itself rather than wondering why you have so many Thomas Hardy novels. Clearing out a space also makes it more inviting for people to walk through and make plans in. Depersonalise Depersonalisation is the next step up fro... Read more


Working that Autumn Vibe

Added on October 13th 2021

Lots of us look forward to autumn because despite the shorter days and colder temperatures, this season brings with it lots of celebrations and that feeling of snuggling down for the winter. If you’re selling your property around now, then you should do everything you can to capture that cosy feeling so that viewers can see, smell and feel themselves living in your snug home by the time spring comes around. Have a deep clean Although we associate deep cleaning with spring, having an autumn cleaning session works well too, because the summer leaves its traces everywhere. Start with your garden by packing away lawn furniture and tidying up ol... Read more


Should You Sell or Extend?

Added on October 13th 2021

You love your home, your neighbourhood and your neighbours. The local pub knows what your favourite drink is and the corner shop makes sure it keeps your preferred brand of soya milk in stock. However, you’re suddenly feeling that the place is a bit too small. Maybe you’ve started working from home more, or had another baby. Maybe your eldest child wants more space or maybe you’d always planned to move or extend and now feels like the time. What do you do? Do your beloved pub and neighbours for some extra space, or do you simply make more space by extending your house? Things you need to consider Sometimes the state of the property mark... Read more


Buying Your Rental Property from Your Landlord

Added on October 13th 2021

Think about it, you chose your rental property because it was well-located, snug, convenient and homely, right? You love where you live and you often wish you had the security of actually owning the property so you don’t have to worry about your landlord suddenly deciding to sell up. Your landlord could sell to you… This isn’t a done deal, of course, as your landlord might not want to sell, or be able to sell the property. Sometimes, however, your landlord might be looking to sell and so if you can raise the deposit and get a mortgage in principle, it could be game on! The benefits of buying your rental You don’t have to pack up and m... Read more

coronavirus-business-woman-working-from-home-with her cat

Moving Home with a Cat

Added on October 13th 2021

You might be looking forward to your move, your new home and that sweet mortgage deal you managed to bag, but your cat has no idea it’s about to happen and couldn’t care less about interest rates. Moving can be tough on pets, especially cats, which are very territorial creatures, so you’ll need to take extra care to make sure your chum has a smooth transition to its new turf. Plan ahead – quite a way ahead A week or so before moving day, create a safe space for your cat, complete with all of his or her usual things – litter tray, toys, feeding station, scratching post and bed – and let them get used to this new space. When moving ... Read more

Signing landlord tenant agreement

The Seven Vital Screening Questions for Tenants

Added on September 2nd 2021

While you can get a good idea about a potential tenant’s financial and job security from credit checks and employer references, it’s not all about the money when it comes to finding the best people to let your property to. Just paying the rent on time isn’t the be-all and end-all of a great tenancy agreement. You have to get along with your tenants, to trust them and to feel confident that they’ll look after your rental property rather than trashing it and fleeing suddenly. Here are the seven best screening questions to ask prospective tenants before you decide who gets the keys to the door. Are you renting at the moment? This is a go... Read more

Man raking leaves in the backyard in autumn

Essential Autumn Maintenance Tasks

Added on September 2nd 2021

When the evenings draw in and there’s a distinct chill in the air every morning, you know that autumn is on the way, if not already here. Each season brings its own challenges and tasks, with autumn being the time to tidy up after the summer and to prepare for winter. Here are the essential tasks you need to carry out during the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Clean your guttering While the piles of russet leaves on the ground can be great fun to kick through, the piles that land in your gutters can have you kicking yourself if they cause a blockage leading to an overflow during the winter. Get your ladder, your hose and a soft bru... Read more

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