Debunking Some Pesky Selling Myths

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Added on September 2nd 2021

As soon as you tell friends and family that you’re putting your property on the market, you’ll be bombarded with advice. Apparently, you’ll have to redecorate, rehome the pets, burn sage in that spooky cellar and be prepared to accept offers of 10% under your asking price.

If you don’t do all of these things, you’re destined never to sell. Ever. Ever ever. You’ll be delighted to find out that a lot of this advice isn’t quite so sage (sorry) and that some of it can be disregarded entirely.

Going neutral

If your walls and interiors aren’t too wacky, you don’t have to tone them down with a mind-numbing coat of magnolia. Of course, if there are a few rooms that are looking tired and you’re planning to redecorate them, then just play it safe. Otherwise, unless you’re still in your goth phase and everything’s black, leave things as they are.

You must have a new bathroom or kitchen

Again, unless your existing bathroom and kitchen are niche to the point of being weird and unusable to most, or decrepit, leave things be. Many buyers will want to change things once they’re in and are prepared to work with a functional kitchen and bathroom until they can get around to it.

Paying a low commission will save you money

An estate agency is a business just like any other and they have to factor in how many staff hours are going into that commission. You might get lucky and sell within a few days with hardly any effort, but that’s more to do with the market. It’s during the times when the market’s slow that a decent wedge of commission will spur your agent on for you.

Buyers think clutter is endearing

In an ideal world, buyers would look past your thimble collections and the life-sized Dalek on the landing (ironic, as they can’t climb stairs…). However, as most viewings start online, you could find your place being scrolled past in favour of the more staged, polished and depersonalised offerings out there.

In addition to attracting viewings, removing clutter is the start of your moving process. The sooner you start and the more you do, the easier it is when the time to pack everything up comes.

You can sell your house yourself

In theory, yes you can. However, the amount of marketing and organising involved, as well as the viewings to be conducted, as well as finding the best conveyancing solicitor, the best surveyor…you get the picture. It’s always best to leave it to the experts as they know the area, they know the market and all the right people to bring in to make your sale happen with the minimum of stress and fuss.

There’s a “best” time to sell

There are seasonal variations in the property market, it’s true, but a well-motivated seller and an experienced estate agent will be able to overcome them with ease. The best time to sell is when you’re ready to sell.

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