DIY Jobs to Wrap Up Before Winter

DIY Jobs to Wrap Up Before Winter
Added on August 13th 2019

It’s been a fun summer of relaxation and maybe the odd getaway, but even though Game of Thrones has ended, Winter is Coming anyway. You might not have to fend off the Night King, but you do have to get ready for the months of cold and dark. Here are your eight priority tasks.

Check your heating and book a service

Your central heating has also enjoyed the rest, but placing a sudden demand on it after a long break can cause problems. Have a trial run to make sure all’s in good working order and then schedule a service to make doubly sure. It’s practically the law of the land that your boiler will go kaput in mid-December if you don’t maintain a service schedule. Plumbers and gas technicians get very busy (and expensive) in December and January, so beat the crowds and book now.

Check for draughts and seal them off

Look over window frames, doors and even your letterbox for draughts, especially if your old threshold seals are looking a bit worn. Replace or add new seals as necessary, so that you’re saving money on heating fuel.

Clear your drains and gutters

This is a job for late autumn, once all the leaves have fallen. Clear out any leaves that could block your gutters as this can lead to an accumulation of rainwater that can soak into brick and woodwork. In worst-case scenarios, if this water freezes, you could develop damaging cracks and damp problems.

Clean any paths and decking

Jetwash paved or decked areas and apply an anti-fungal treatment so they don’t become slippery over the winter. The wetter and milder winters that many of us are having are ideal for mould and fungus, so keep them at bay.

Treat your timber

Your fence, shed and decking will look better and last longer if they’re treated ahead of the cold and damp. With your decking, you can do this after it’s cleaned and dried out. Adding a stain or special finish really makes a difference and your woodwork will look cared for and more attractive.

Repair, replace or add exterior lighting

A brightly-lit exterior is always welcoming to come home to when the nights are dark and cold. It’s also more secure, as would-be intruders have fewer places to hide. Check that all of your exterior lights work and sort out any that need new bulbs, as well as look for any areas that don’t currently have lighting.

Improve your home security

As the darker evenings do make homes more vulnerable, make sure all your door and window locks are working and not seized up and that any weak spots in your fencing are fixed.

Have the chimney swept

Not so much a DIY job (remember, it’s now illegal to send small children up chimneys…) as a professional one, really. Book a chimney sweep service and check so that you can use your fireplace or burner safely.

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