Garden Trends for 2022

Added on March 31st 2022

Spring has most definitely sprung and lots of us are heading back out to bring some life into our gardens after a cold, wet winter. There’s always some new ideas and movements to try out each year, so if you’re looking for something new and different to do in your garden for 2022, here’s the hottest new trends.

Looking after nature

It’s all about the wildlife this year, so people will be planting wildflowers to encourage pollinators, leaving piles of bamboo stalks and leaf litter for insects and small vertebrates, as well as trying to use more natural products and methods to encourage biodiversity.

Looking after ourselves

Many people discovered gardening or vegetable growing during the pandemic and found it very calming and therapeutic. This feeling isn’t going away any time soon and so simply spending more time out in nature – be it your own garden, a window box or an allotment – will be a big theme this year.

Strong colours

Pastels are out and people are going to be planting their gardens and outdoor spaces with meadow-like bursts of wildflowers. Random splurges of colour are the order for 2022 – no more symmetrical blocks of tastefully muted bedding plants. After the rigours of lockdown, we’re predicting a riot (of colour, that is…).

Drought-tolerant plants

Climate change is here and so many of us are wondering about introducing more Mediterranean plants, shrubs and trees into our lives. Lavender and verbena will make the pollinators happy and shrubs like Hebe pinguifolia stand in for more traditional trees and bushes like box.

Patchwork terraces and paving

We’re becoming more aware of how large paved spaces lead to excess water runoff, which can make flooding worse. This year will see people removing some or all of their patio paving and either planting in the newly-exposed earth or letting nature fill in the gaps.

Natural, more organic materials

By organic, we mean not plastic or metal. There’s a move towards natural stone and reclaimed timber for garden structures, rather than metal, plastic, cement and concrete. Newer methods of building walls are reducing our reliance on mortar and creating permeable structures to deal with runoff and offer homes to wildlife.
Reducing plastic use

Many gardeners will be looking to reuse seed trays and planting pots, as well as to look for more sustainable products made from bamboo, sisal, wood and recycled cardboard.

Gardens rooms and offices

Working from home isn’t going anywhere (‘scuse pun), so garden rooms and offices are still A Thing. They also increase your property price, so stick a green roof on top and make a guilt-free profit.

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