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Get Ready for the Cheltenham Science Festival

  • 1 year ago

The 2023 Cheltenham Science Festival, organised by Cheltenham Festivals, will run from Tuesday June 6 to Sunday June 11 in Imperial Gardens and at various venues around the town.

Aiming to ask the most important questions we face today, the science festival gathers the UK’s most respected scientists, writers, science communicators and artists to talk about the biggest issues we face in science and the world around us.

This year’s festival will be the 21st Cheltenham Science Festival and there’ll be 138 events and 270 of the world’s best thinkers, scientists and writers to delight and inform curious minds of all ages.

2023’s science festival highlights

This years Guest Curators will be focusing on everything from mental wellbeing to social change and human behaviours. The line-up comprises: 

The guest curators this year will focus on human behaviour, social change and mental wellbeing. Come along to see speakers including:

  • – BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind presenter and author Claudia Hammond who’ll be focusing on neuroscience and mental and physical health
  • – BBC broadcaster, doctor and children’s TV presenter Chris van Tulleken, who will be talking about human health, food and nutrition
  • – Podcast and documentary maker, writer and creative director Hana Walker-Brown, who’ll be talking about social science, human behaviour and how we react to a rapidly changing world
  • – Mental health and wellbeing campaigner Sophia Kaur Badhan, who’ll be talking about women’s health, change making and mental health

This year’s festival will also be welcoming back its AI guest curator AIDA, who’ll be curating an artificial intelligence event.

More about Cheltenham Science Festival

Cheltenham Science Festival is hugely popular and has, in the past, drawn some of our greatest scientists and thinkers, as well as comedians, to ponder and (hopefully) answer the big questions we have.

Past speakers include Professor Brian Cox, Alice Roberts, Robert Winston and Richard Dawkins and the festival is the right place to go if you want to broaden your horizons and ask your most burning questions.

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