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Give Your Old Conservatory a Makeover

  • 1 year ago
Give Your Old Conservatory a Makeover

If your conservatory is looking bit tired, a bit 2000s (or even older) then you might be debating whether to tear it down and start anew or give it a new lease of life. While a whole new start can sound appealing, it can also be expensive and disruptive, so here’s how to get a few more years out of your conservatory.

Bring in some plants

A conservatory has lots of natural light and so plants can’t help but thrive in one. Bust out your green thumb and place some potted plants around the walls, with a focus on species that impart a nice scent to the air. You could even start growing your own herbs if you want to save a few pounds over the course of the year.

Throw down a rug or two

If your conservatory has a tiled floor it can feel and look cold, especially in the cooler months. A thick rug will help to warm things up and also absorb a lot of sound to reduce the empty or echoey feeling a lot of conservatories have. 

Inject some colour

Putting up blinds in the windows and painting any walls you have is an easy way to bring in some colour and new life to your conservatory. Opt for neutrals to open out the space and add in some colour with the rug or some bright plants.

Put down some laminate flooring

The good thing about laminate flooring is that it’s relatively cheap, durable and offers fairly good insulation. It also comes in a range of shades and colours to fit in with your overall scheme.

Install some new doors

Replacing an old-fashioned or slightly warped door can prove to be quite the transformation. If you swap it out for sliding or bifold doors, you’ll bring the space up to date and also make your conservatory feel more open to your garden.

Replace the roof

A common complaint with conservatories is that the polycarbonate roof gets dirty and isn’t a great insulator, letting too much heat in during the summer and too much heat out in the winter. Replacing the scruffy old polycarbonate roofing with tiles not only helps to keep the internal temperature more stable but it makes the structure look and feel more modern and more permanent.

Install up-to-date lighting

Many older conservatories and similar extensions tend to have one overhead light, which can look a bit clinical and unwelcoming. A simple solution to this is to being in some softer lamps, spotlights and colourful lights to create a whole new atmosphere and feeling in the space.


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