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Hitting the Market in the New Year

  • 1 year ago
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You might think that putting your property on the market in January is a waste of time, but you’d be wrong. The period after Christmas can actually be a great time to start your moving process for a few reasons.

New Year house hunters are more dedicated

People who start hunting for a new home in winter are often more motivated because they’re moving to a new job or school, or they decided to have one last Christmas in their old place. Let’s face it, anyone who’s decided to schlep around looking at houses in the cold and dark is really keen!

There’s a bump of activity in January and February

Even if there’s no pressure behind the move, lots of people want to find and get settled into a new home by the summer, so you should help them along by putting yours on the market in good time – which is January or February. 

If both parties think you they be done and dusted by May, it’ll motivate everyone involved to make everything run smoothly.

The spring listings surge hasn’t happened just yet

Despite what we’ve just said, there are fewer properties on the market in January and February as the spring rush hasn’t started yet.

A January listing will get you lots more exposure than a March one, which will be vying for attention with all the other properties coming onto the market in March and April. 

You can increase your chances of a quick sale even more by making  sure your property is ready for New Year viewings.

Preparing your property for New Year viewings

The most obvious move is to get rid of all traces of Christmas. Even if you usually keep your decorations up until January 6, you should pack them all away if the photographer is coming before then.

Look through your cupboards and fridge for leftover Christmas food (yes, it is a thing), as viewers will open cupboard doors. Have a general clear out and clean up of cupboards as well.

Even though you can see the days getting longer, it’s still dark in the evenings, as well as cold, so make sure your home is nice and warm before viewings and bring in a few extra lamps to add a soft, warm glow.

Make sure there’s no trace of sticky tape, drawing pins or tinsel lurking on your walls, floors or windows and do some extra vacuuming to pick up any stray pine needles if you had a real tree.


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