How to Bag a Quick Sale

Added on March 3rd 2019

When you put your property on the market your biggest concern, after how much you’ll sell it for, is how quickly it’ll sell. If you’re particularly concerned about selling and moving quickly, then there’s a few things you can control to speed things up a bit.

Get the neighbours onboard

If your neighbours are great but maybe overwhelmed with young children, elderly or awkward shifts, then their garden might look a bit untidy. You know they’re great, but viewers might be a bit concerned about the unkempt hedge and patchy lawn. Help your neighbours to help you by tidying their garden and frontage up a bit.

Pay attention to the smaller details

When you live somewhere, you stop seeing the scuffed skirting boards and the fingerprints on the light switch panels. Someone new to your property – like a viewer – will see them, so spend some time looking for flaws. It might be an idea to get that friend in – you know, the one who spots all the flaws in everything – and give them free rein. It’ll sting a bit, but their critique could make all the difference if you accept it and act on it.

Look for things like limescale build-up in the shower, tired old curtains, scruffy paint, dirty radiators (yes, it is a thing) and greasy kitchen cupboard fronts.

Be upfront about any defects

The biggest waste of time for sellers, buyers and agents are viewings where prospective buyers spot a structural problem or see the busy junction just metres from the front door and declare themselves out. These viewings could be avoided by being honest about the less-than-desirable features in and around the property.

Accentuate the positive features

You should be upfront about the flaws of the property, but even more upfront about the good bits. Don’t be shy about the great school just down the road, the stream at the bottom of the garden or the amazing view from the front bedroom window. If viewers feel that you love the place, they’ll love it too.

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