How to Boost Your Asking Price

Added on December 7th 2017

It goes without saying that you want the best asking price possible and so you’ll try your hardest to impress viewers. You’ll primp and plump the cushions, clean the windows, mow the lawn… However, these won’t bump up your asking price as much as some types of improvements will. What are these magic buttons, then? A swimming pool? A rockery? Not necessarily. In fact, a pool might put some people off as they don’t want the maintenance that comes with it!

If you’re about to throw money at your place before it goes to market, it helps no end if you can focus your attention – and money – in the right directions.

Here are the surest ways to bump up that asking price.

Converting your loft

Increasing your living space is the best way to increase your value, so converting a loft or building an extension is ideal because you’re working with what you already have. A loft conversion can increase your asking price by as much as 20% and most conversions won’t need planning permission.

Think carefully, though. You may dream of turning your three-bedroomed semi into a five-bedroomed dwelling by creating two bedrooms in the loft. This means two extra bodies in the place, however, when the garden and downstairs rooms aren’t big enough to accommodate them. Just one more bedroom will suffice in most cases. You also need to make sure that the pitch of your roof is steep enough to create a proper, useable room.

Work on the garden

Everyone loves a big, well-tended garden and these can certainly sell properties, especially if the buyers are keen gardeners themselves. If, however, the garden needs a lot of work on it – weekly or even daily attention – then most people will be put off.

You should aim for an uncluttered space that’s easy to keep neat and inviting. Creating a patio or decking area is a good way to do this and if you can strike the right balance you could add up to 10% on your asking price.

Make an extra bathroom

Almost everyone wants an extra bathroom now, even if it’s an under-stairs toilet with a hand sink. Think carefully, though. If you can fit a littler littlest room under the stairs, then great. If you’re thinking of changing a third bedroom into a bathroom; stop! There’s no point having a two-bedroomed, two-bathroomed (ahem) house. If you have four or five bedrooms, then it could be a good move.

Get planning permission

Having planning permission for an extension means you can ask for more money. You don’t have to do any work yourself, you just need to be able to say your buyers can do it; this is a good way of getting a good price with almost no financial investment on your part.

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