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How to Forge a Great Relationship With a Property Agent

  • 1 year ago

Estate agents and lettings agents are human beings, just like you and one of the reason they go into the property industry is because it involves building up relationships with clients. 

If you reciprocate and meet your agent halfway in the relationship, then not only do you increase your chances of a successful sale, letting or purchase, but you’ll have a much pleasanter journey.

Here’s how to make a property agent happy.

Start off with a face-to-face meeting

If you make the effort to meet some or all of the agents in your target area, then you’ll become an actual person who’s looking for a new home, not just a phone number demanding a south-facing garden.

Show that you’re serious

Demonstrating that you’re a serious buyer who’s ready to go also helps your agent to take you seriously. Get yourself a mortgage in principle if you’re buying or show your credit rating and a reference from previous landlord if you’re renting.

Estate agents like to move fast (no pun intended…well, maybe a bit) and so if you jostle to the front of their mind’s eye list with your financials in hand, they’ll think of you first when new properties come onto their books.

Swap your contact details

If you gel with a few estate agents, then make sure you get their mobile numbers and emails so you can not just have a direct point of contact, but the chance for a quick schmooze with each exchange. 

Ask for advice

Everyone likes to be asked for advice, so turn to your estate agent for tips and opinions. No one knows an area better than an estate agent and they love to share.

Be clear about your requirements

If you have some definite ideas about what you’re looking for and what you’re definitely not looking for then this helps your agent to help you. Be clear about price, location, number of bedrooms, size of garden etc and also about what sort of wiggle room you have with your requirements.

Give clear and specific feedback after viewings

This has a twofold benefit to your agent, because not only does it help them to build a better picture of what you want, but it helps them to sell the property, even if it’s not to you.

Don’t view properties you can’t afford

This is a waste of time for everyone, but especially your agent, who is trying to make a living.

Keep in touch with your agent

You’ll probably hear from your estate agent at least once a week, usually when new properties come in. However, sometimes there’s a hiatus when there’s no new listings – this is when you should call so that you stay fresh in your agent’s mind. 

Go to as many viewings as you can

You can’t go to them all, but you can go to most if you make the effort. Decent properties sell very rapidly and so you could keep missing out because you didn’t want to rearrange your shiatsu massage. You’ll also irritate your agent and make them wonder if you’re serious.

Similarly, if there are times when you genuinely can’t make viewings, such as holidays or work commitments, then let your agent know about these periods in advance.

Be nice to your agent

Most estate agents are decent and hard-working people and many will go above and beyond to make a sale happen because they’ve built up a rapport with their client and want to help them find a new home. Make sure you work on that relationship because it will yield results.

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