How to Really Mess Up a Viewing

Added on August 3rd 2018

If you’re about to put your place on the market then you’ll want to make as many great first impressions as you can, because one of them will lead to a sale. Here’s how not to do it!

Being disorganised and untidy

It’s just amazing just how many sellers leave clutter and mess around their home when it’s on the market. Buyers need to be able to see their own stamp on a place, so it’s vital to declutter and make the space feel neutral.

It’s also really important that the place is clean and tidy, as well as safe. Keep staircases and hallways clean and clear and if you have any bouncy dogs (or kids) arrange for them to be elsewhere if you can.

Hovering and eavesdropping

Your potential buyers are going to want to tap the walls, try the flush, look inside walk-in cupboards and discuss how that thing is out the minute they’re in (whatever that thing is).

If you’re doing the viewing yourself, then you should show viewers around each room before retreating and leaving them to it. Stay on hand to answer questions, but don’t shadow people.

Being over-familiar

Of course, you should be welcoming and courteous, but maintain a professional remove. Don’t launch into a sentimental explanation of that funny-shaped stain in the kitchen, or regale viewers with your life story. They don’t really care and they may think you either secretly don’t want to sell or that you’re desperate to get away.

It’s not just sellers…

Buyers also have a code of conduct to adhere to.

Don’t be rude about the property

OK, that thing is hideous, but don’t make an issue of it in front of the vendors. Don’t do or say anything that you wouldn’t do if you’d been invited for dinner by a couple you don’t know well. This includes lighting a cigarette, trampling mud everywhere and criticising the décor.

Don’t negotiate

During the viewing is the wrong time to talk turkey. It’s an emotional issue, so it’s best handled by the estate agent after the viewing and after you’ve had sometime to think. You should definitely not question the price, either!

Keep your own counsel

Complement the vendors on their home if they’re there, but don’t overtly criticise or praise anything. If you rave about the garden, you might raise their expectations. Just leave on a polite, friendly note and go home to cogitate.

Above all, remember that you may well be involved in one of life’s most stressful experiences with the vendors, so create a good rapport from the off.

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