Important Steps for When You Move

Added on April 5th 2019

When you’re moving to a new home it’s all about who has the biggest bedroom, whether the sofa will fit into that corner and butterflies about meeting the new neighbours.

It’s also about some rather more mundane – but crucial – steps that you need to take to make the move successful.

Redirect your mail

It’s doubly important to get all of your mail these days as identity theft is so prevalent. It’s hard to remember who to tell, as well as being very time-consuming to tell everyone, so set up a redirection service for at least six months so that you have time to let all your correspondents know your new address.

When an annual statement, newsletter or similar arrives, let the sender know you’ve moved; by the end of six months to a year you should have everyone covered.

Tell your banks first

Make sure your banks know about your new address before you move – don’t include them in the redirection – to make extra sure that your financial details are safe. This allows your bank to get hold of you if there’s an emergency, as well as allowing you to get help if you need it.

Make sure your new property is insured

If you’re buying the property then you’ll almost certainly need buildings cover to get the mortgage. Whether you’re buying or renting, contents insurance is also a good idea to protect your possessions from loss or damage before, during and after the move.

You can set up the policy for your new place up to a month beforehand and “activate” it on moving day.

Change your car details

You’ll need to change the address on your driving licence, ownership certificate and insurance so that you’re covered on moving day.

You can apply for an updated licence at; it’s free to do this and could save you a fine for not having the right details.

Take the last meter readings

Make sure you have your final meter readings – gas, water and electricity – so that you get the right bill and so you’re not paying for the new owners’ first month!

While you can keep the same provider, it might be a good time to look for a cheaper deal with a new company.

Head to again to change your electoral roll details

Changing your address on the electoral roll means you can vote in local, national and European elections without a hiatus. Maintaining your place on the roll also improves your credit score.

Change your TV licence

You’ll need to let the licencing company know of your change of address so that you’re covered to watch TV in your new home straight away.

Update your address with all your delivery services

Think about the various deliveries you get and contact as many as possible so that you continue to get your goods or services.

These include magazines, contact lens subscriptions, vegetable boxes and so on.

Find out about parking permits

You may be moving to an area where it’s residents-only parking so make sure you have the necessary permit before you move in and get off to an – ahem – indifferent start with the neighbours.

Run down your fridge and freezer

Get creative with the food you have in your fridge and freezer so that you have as little as possible to throw out. You can give whatever’s left over to a neighbour.

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