Improve Your Plumbing

Improve Your Plumbing
Added on May 28th 2019

When you’re selling your current home, or when you’ve moved into a new place and you’re looking to make it really comfortable, a good way to increase the value or make the most of your investment is to improve the plumbing. Bathrooms and kitchens are no longer just utilitarian spaces in which to get clean and cook, they’re sanctuaries and focal points, so they deserve an upgrade.

Your bathroom is an ideal place to make these improvements as there’s no carpet to pull up or plug sockets to move around. One good idea is to rip out the old fixtures and replace them with a round tub with a Jacuzzi, or a rainfall style shower head, as well as a lo-flow toilet and a slimmer sink.

While these improvements involve a bit of hard work and maybe even a skip, there are smaller changes that you can make to bring new life into an older bathroom. By replacing taps and the shower head, as well as maybe the sink and counter, you’ll give the room a new look without having to strip out larger items like the bathtub.

Increase your space

If you feel that your bathroom is too small then you may want to replace your fittings with smaller, more efficient modern ones, like ergonomic sinks, wall-mounted toilets or a corner bath.

The kitchen

This is another area where plumbing and appliances can be changed and updated to take up less space and be more efficient.

Your kitchen sink may need to be replaced. The days of single sinks are long gone, as people want dual sinks so they can rinse vegetables at the same time as doing the washing up. You may decide to eschew cold porcelain or stainless steel in favour of resins as these materials hold the heat for longer.

You could also add a sink to your kitchen island for more convenience, especially if you spend a lot of time cooking and prepping food.

You should always aim to replace older appliances with water-saving and energy-efficient versions. Not only do these new fixtures save resources ad money, but they’ll bring your kitchen up to date, too. Think about new taps, pasta arms or a water heating tap instead of a kettle.

Other ideas

Install a water softener or filtration system. If you live in a big city or in a hard water area, then having softer, filtered water can make a huge difference. You no longer have to buy bottled water or spend hours descaling appliances and cleaning mineral deposits off shiny surfaces.

If you have a utility area or an outdoor kitchen, then a utility sink is a brilliant addition to your home because you don’t have to use the kitchen sink to clean muddy football boots, wash the dog or soak badly soiled clothes anymore.

Outdoor taps are also great for gardening, filling paddling pools and cooking, as well as for cleaning outdoor areas like the patio or garden path.

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