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Added on October 27th 2017

The master bedroom is a sanctuary; it’s the room in the house that you spend most of your time in, even if a lot of that time involves sleep, so it’s important that it’s inviting and comfortable. It’s also vital that your master bedroom is inviting and attractive to viewers. If you feel your bedroom needs a makeover to help you to sell, then try some of these tricks.

Use calm colours

Neutrals are ideal for a master bedroom as they’re grown-up, calming and also gender-neutral so they’ll appeal to everyone. Try whites, silvers, soft greys and golds. These colours make people want to relax and linger, which is what you want your potential buyers to do.

Make your storage space look spacious

This is a clever trick that makes your storage cupboards look bigger than they really are – empty them a bit so there’s space left over. There’s nothing worse than opening a built-in wardrobe and finding it stuffed to the gills with coats and old board games. Move the clutter out to a storage unit or the shed.

Position the bed for best effect

Your bed is the focal point of the room, so try moving it to a different side or corner of the bedroom and see how it affects the look and feels. Bear in mind access to plug sockets, though.

Use neutral art

Swap out your family photos for simple artworks with universal appeal. Don’t have any more than two or three pieces in your bedroom or it’ll start to look busy.

If you can, make a reading nook

If you have the space, make a reading nook with one or two armchairs, cushions, a small table and a reading lamp, as well as some books, obviously.

Use large bedside lamps

A large, boldly-coloured bedside lamp contrasts with the neutral décor and gives a really luxurious feel. Turn the lamps on before a viewing, even if it’s daylight as they’ll make the room feel warm and inviting.

Use big throws and cushions

It’s important that the throws are big and luxurious; smaller throws can look cheap and tacky. You’re aiming for a bit of decadence. With your cushions you need to strike a balance – too many and it looks gaudy and crowded, too few and it looks cheap. Think about your colours and how you arrange them – there’s no such thing as a genuinely artless toss when it comes to cushions.


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