Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space

Added on November 12th 2018

If your kitchen is small then you have to work with what you have, especially if you’ve just moved into a new rental or if you’re planning to go to market.

You probably find that you struggle to house all your pots, pans, appliances and storage and still have space to cook or even make a cup of coffee. You can use your space to the full, though, so you can have lots of gadgets at your disposal and room to swing a tea bag; you just have to think flexibly.

Keep your work surfaces as clear as possible

If you live in a small flat or you just have a small kitchen, then you’ll always feel the lack of counter space. You can’t summon up more counter space by just wishing for it, though, so you’ll have to devise ways to maximise the amount of open, clear space.

Keep your appliances off the counters by housing them in cabinets, for example. You can also ditch the jar of stirring spoons and the mug tree and fit a rack to the wall or underneath a cupboard to hang these items up on. You can also put things like toasters on a shelf if you’re really stuck for room.

Use your cupboard space to its maximum

If you look inside your cupboards, you’ll probably see quite a lot of empty space. This is space that could be used if you bring in some more shelves and inserts. So many people have a herbs and spices cupboard that’s a riot of small jars, boxes and sachets, crammed into a few square inches. By adding another shelf or even a wire rack, you can double the amount of useable space and make finding the saffron easier.

Clear out and de-clutter regularly

Everyone is guilty of leaving almost empty jars, bottles and tubes of mustard, pickles, herb mixes and ketchup in the cupboard for way too long. It’s easy to lose track of what’s in there and simply try to squeeze one more jar of capers in at the front when there’s still a half-empty one from 2012 at the back.

No more! Commit to clearing out your cupboards at least twice a year so you can either finish up a neglected bottle of pomegranate molasses or bin it if it’s beyond help. Many old jars and tins can be recycled or used in craft projects, so this makes a good old clear-out doubly worthwhile!

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