Making Your New Property Your Home

Added on January 29th 2020

The build-up and excitement are all over and you’re now into the first week or so of living in your new home. Or is it a home just yet? The chances are that no matter how much you were looking forwards to the move, you’re feeling bit dislocated and unsettled. If you have younger children, they are probably feeling it even more, so use these handy tips to speed up the bedding-in process.

Sort out your wardrobes first

You’ll probably have to get back to work within a few days of the move, so make sure your clothes, toiletries and other accessories are in their forever homes and easily accessible.

Sort out the kids’ bedrooms first

If you have one or more small children, then you might want to get them settled first instead. The call is yours, as you know which option is the most urgent (it’s the kids, btw…). If they’re happy and calm, you can turn to other matters.

Replicate a few things from the old place

It could be a certain set of photos alongside the staircase, placing the coat rack on the same side of the hall as you had in the old house or burning the same scented candles or stacking up your books on the same occasional table.

Prioritise familiar bedding

It’s tempting to switch everything up when you move, but snuggling down under your favourite blankets and duvets is a good way to make a place your own. It’s essentially scent-marking!

Create a transition playlist

A couple of weeks or so before moving day, create a playlist and make it your personal soundtrack, then carry it over to the new house so that it’s a constant presence.

Do a recce of local shops before you move

If you know where the nearest corner shop is to your new home, then just nipping out for some milk will be much easier and will subliminally tell you that your new area is your patch.

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