Moving Home for the Superstitious

Added on November 13th 2020

Although Halloween is over and done with for this year, the long winter nights are perfect for musing over spooky stories and superstitions. 

If you’re moving house over the next few weeks, you might be wondering if there are any special traditions or superstitions you should be mindful of so that your move goes well. It turns out that there’s quite a few…

Try to move on a sunny day

Of course, that may be something of a tall order in the UK, but it’s believed that moving on a rainy day can mean bad luck. The type of bad luck is unspecified, as usual, but if you do move house on a damp day, there’s probably something you can do to counteract it…

…like burning sage

This tradition, started off by Native Americans, is thought to rid spaces and homes of evil spirits and bad luck. Sparking up a sprig of sage can also clarify your thoughts and promote calmness. Just don’t forget to extinguish the leaves when you’re done.

Take bread and salt into the house before anything else

Bringing bread and salt into a new house before anything else makes for a warm, sociable home in which no-one goes hungry. This Russian Jewish tradition also ensures that the food – and company – is enjoyable and flavoursome.

Tell ghosts where to go

According to the Chinese, spirits are always around us and we should just accept that. However, to prevent them standing in front of the TV during Strictly, you should shine a torch into every corner and cupboard so that they know where they can hang out without disturbing anyone.

Leave your old broom at the old house

This might not be practical if you’ve just invested in a new Dyson, but an age-old superstition recommends that you start off your life in a new house with a new broom. The old broom, apparently, harbours all the negativity and bad memories from your previous house (plus all the dust mites, presumably).

Use a brilliant estate agent

One tradition we can all agree on is finding and engaging a great estate agent. It’s believed that selling and buying property via a proactive and experienced agency promotes smoother transactions and fairer prices all round.

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