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Added on May 10th 2017

Tiles are back in style after a long time of being consigned to splashbacks and shower cubicles. They’re looking a bit different now though, with lots of new finishes and sizes to choose from.

The sort of tiles you’ll need will vary according to the room they’re going in, your overall décor and how much stress they’ll be put under. Here’s a quick rundown to start you off on your thousand-tile journey (sorry).

Coloured tiles

More and more we see boldly or deeply-coloured tiles, even some with metallic or glass finishes, and these tiles can be used for an accent wall, or for an otherwise dull corner. Alternatively, they can be scattered among plainer, simpler neighbours to add interest and detail.

Tiles in striking patterns

Rectangular tiles are surprisingly versatile here – you can fix them vertically instead of horizontally, or vertically and horizontally, or in a herringbone pattern. You don’t need fancy coloured or textured tiles for this (unless you really want them), as the interest comes from the arrangement.

Tiles in striking shapes

Using tiles that are hexagonal, rhomboid, diamond or even shell-shaped can create maximum impact with the minimum of effort and (probably) the median amount of expense. Useful for walls and floors alike, these sorts of tiles make a real statement – it’s up to you which statement it is, though…

Terracotta’s back

We all thought it had died a death back in the mid-nineties. Well, actually, it did. However, terracotta is back with a vengeance, and this time it’s gone full-desert. Many people are choosing to bring an exotic, Middle Eastern or Mediterranean feel to their homes. Terracotta is teamed up with wall rugs, hammer-beaten plates and tables, as well as vibrant orange and yellow walls and soft furnishings.

Then there’s black

Innovations in lighting – LED arrays and so on – have meant that you can have a dark corner or retreat that you can actually see in! Black bathrooms are catching on, as long as some accessories bring some pops of light and colour. Shiny black tiles don’t absorb as much light as matte ones, so go as dark as you dare.


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