Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Added on December 1st 2016

Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Your garden is a big part of your house’s selling appeal, so if you’re planning a winter sale, or if you plan to sell in the spring, you need to take care of it so it looks good over the colder months and is raring to go once it gets warmer.

Nature never rests, even when it looks like it might be! Early winter is a busy time as you need to get your garden looking neat and get it ready for the next growing season. Here’s how to do it.

Take away your greenhouse shading

By November, the days are very short so your greenhouse plants need all the help they can get; remove any shading and clean the glass panes to let as much light in as possible. While you’re at it, clean the gutters and replace any broken panes.

Clean the inside too

Clear away any plant debris, clean the paths and shelves, as well as the insides of the panes, before leaving one window open to dry the inside thoroughly.

Take the time to wash unused pots and seed trays so they’re ready for spring. There are also some vegetables that you can sow and grow in winter, so prepare those, too.

Tidy your borders

Uproot your annuals and put them on the compost heap, replacing them with winter plants like pansies and wallflowers so you have a riot of colour in the spring.

Once you’ve cleaned up your borders, cover them in compost, manure or bark chips and let nature take its course.

Take care of your lawn

If your lawn’s looking patchy then this is a good time to remedy it. Get rid of old grass clippings and put them on the compost heap. If you have areas of high traffic where the soil has become compressed, loosen it with a fork. Then, apply a sandy top dressing and some lawn feed to get things going for the spring.

Clear up your compost bins

You need compost for your borders, right? You also need to make new compost for the future, so swap out the old, rotted compost for the leaves and grass clippings you just collected. It’s the circle of life!

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