Preparing Yourself for Emigration

Added on August 20th 2018

While we all dream of packing our bags, cancelling our TV subscriptions and heading off to warmer climes – or at least away from Brexit – the truth is that emigrating is a long process and you must be practically, emotionally and mentally ready.

Don’t jump in

Do your homework before deciding to move. Is the country right for you? Is it not liberal enough? Too liberal? If you’re female, will you have the same freedoms there? The same job opportunities?

Think about the language you’ll have to learn. Have you already made a start, or do most people speak good English? How cold does it get and how good are the schools. Whatever you do here at home, find out how you do it in your destination country.

Make sure you have at least six months of living expenses

Of course, you may have a job to go to, but even then, you need to make sure you can survive for a few months just in case it goes wrong. You may need to use this money for a few weeks after your UK job ends and you’re making your final preparations and saying your goodbyes.

Don’t buy a house for at least a year

You might not fancy going back to renting, but you won’t like being trapped in a neighbourhood that isn’t as nice as you imagined, especially if buying and selling as an immigrant is complex.

Take some time to scope out the different areas and make sure, even before you go, that you know how the property buying business is done over there.

Be ready to be flexible

There’s always something that holds your emigration process up, with some countries being more bureaucratic than others. If you expect to be processed in three months, double it so you don’t feel frustrated and disappointed when delays happen.

Join a support group and read some blogs

You can do this as soon as you’ve hit on your ideal country. The internet means you can forge connections and find out where to buy your almond milk before you’ve even booked your flights. Talk to those who have gone before you and arrange to meet in person when you’re there. You may find some genuine friends this way, or these people may signpost you to more suitable chums.

Find a cheap and easy way to transfer and exchange money

You need to be able to switch between currencies for quite a while after you emigrate, so make sure your platform is cheap and efficient. There’s nothing more stressful than finding your money is held up and bills are going unpaid.

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