The Pros and Cons of a Waterfront Property

Added on August 18th 2020

Living by a lake, a river or even by the sea is a dream for many people in the UK and it certainly does have a lot to recommend it. The advantages tend to stand out more than the potential downsides as it’s easy to imagine summer evenings by the cool water or maybe taking a boat out.

There are, however, downsides as well as upsides to waterfront living so it’s important to think about the good and bad.

The advantages of waterfront living 

Living by a lake or a river usually means that there are fewer properties immediately around yours, which makes life a bit more peaceful. 

The air around your home may also be cleaner as you’re not surrounded on all sides by roads and many people living by bodies of water claim that their breathing is improved.

Depending on what the body of water is, you might have opportunities for fishing, boating, wildlife spotting and swimming pretty much on your doorstep. 

Simply by being next to a river or lake means you’ll probably benefit from the cooling effect of the water, which can be a real advantage during the increasingly hot and humid summers the UK is having.

The disadvantages of waterfront living

The cooling effect of the water can be a bit of a downside when it’s winter and you might find that your property needs a bit of extra damp-proofing.

If you’re by the side of a river you might actually own part of the bank and therefore be responsible for its upkeep. This might appeal to you, but if it doesn’t, make sure you talk to your estate agent and solicitor to find out what, if any, duties you’ll be taking on.

Summer + water often = mosquitoes! Mozzies are moving into the south of the UK more each year, it seems. Still bodies of water tend to attract them a bit more than rivers, and you may well have to install screens in your windows and invest in repellent every summer.

Your household insurance could be significantly bumped up due to the potentially increased risks of flooding. This is a serious concern and you should make efforts to find out how often your postcode has flooded in recent years and what precautions you may have to take.

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