Put a Spring in Your (Door) Step!

Added on April 7th 2017

Ahhh, spring. Isn’t it great? The days are longer, the frosts are receding and you can see new shoots emerging from the ground. It’s time to open your windows to the world and open your mind to the possibility of a spring or summer house sale!

Spring is all about new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to refresh your home and garden, especially if you’re hoping to be in a new place by summer or autumn.

It can be surprisingly easy, so here’s a few ideas for getting your spring on.

Bring some pops of colour in

It seems like winter bleached out all the colour from the world, so when spring bursts out, it’s only natural to want to enhance the hues we see around us already. You could repaint your front door and porch, for example, or even your entire exterior. If you’re not feeling quite so ambitious, you could put up some new curtains and maybe even some coloured solar-power lights by your garden gate.

It’s time to declutter

If you are planning a bit of a refresh, then you need to chuck out the old first! If you’re fed up of looking at the same set of garden furniture, or the same old mirror, then do something about it. Try a freebie site, as someone else may be glad of your gently-used items, then you don’t need to feel so guilty.

Strew your path with roses

Or at least, wash your neglected vases and fill them with some spring blooms – nothing adds colour and vibrancy like tulips and peonies, for example. Flowers bring the spring indoors for next to no effort.

Rearrange your furniture

Moving your existing furniture about is like a no-cost makeover, especially if you’ve got some new curtains or a new rug. It’s really quick to do as well, and has a profound psychological effect on residents and visitors alike.

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