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How to Save Money Before You Move

  • 3 years ago
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Moving home is a costly business and while lots of these expenses, such as conveyancing fees, are unavoidable, you can save money in the run-up to the big day so you’re not too badly stung.

Enjoy a week of freezer surprises

“Enjoy” might be pushing it a bit, but running down the stock in your fridge, freezer and cupboards can reduce or eliminate the cost of your last weekly grocery shop or two. Use up that last 100g of jasmine rice in a stir-fry, excavate the bottom drawer of the freezer for that stew you made in June or commit to eating lentils for a week.

Don’t buy any packing materials

If you do venture out to the supermarket, do it only to pick up cardboard boxes and wrapping materials. You can also ask on a local noticeboard if anyone has any old boxes that they need to get rid of. Repurpose old newspapers, as well as blankets, towels and laundry bins to help even further.

Book your removals service for the cheapest day possible

Mid-week slots tend to be cheaper than Friday to Sunday and if you pack everything up yourself, you can cut costs even further. For the very brave, a DIY removal might be an idea, but you’ll need to start this process ASAP.

Declutter like a pro

The less you have to pack up, the less you have to move, right? If you can reduce the number of vans and trips you have to make, you’ll be reducing your costs. You could also have a yard sale or eBay some of the more valuable items that won’t be coming with you to raise some cash.

Hit up the pound shop

There’ll be a lot of cleaning at both ends, so head to your local pound shop for supplies, as they can be three or four times cheaper than they are at your supermarket. If possible, take some partly-used bottles with you for the other side; just make sure they’re in a sealed box so they don’t leak all over your vintage linens.

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