Sell Up by Summer

Sell Up by Summer
Added on April 16th 2018

Spring makes us think of Easter eggs, crocuses, green buds on trees and moving house. Plans to sell up that have been delayed by Christmas and the dark, dank last weeks of winter suddenly – ahem – spring back into life and so there’s a rush of properties coming onto the market. There’s also a lot more house-hunters in the mix as well so this really is the best time to go to the market and take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days.

Use the light

We all love the longer days and the brighter sunshine, but there’s a downside to the spring light – it can highlight the little flaws in your home that could shave off a few grand here and there. It’s time for that spring clean and touch-up.

Clean up the hallway

Your hallway is the first glimpse viewers get of your interior and if you still have wellies, thermal socks and bulky winter coats hanging around then you need to move them. It doesn’t matter where they go as long as they make room for lots of lovely clear, welcoming space and maybe even some colourful flowers. Spring is the season for flowers, so make some space, invest in some bright new vases and some blooms.

As well as opening up the hallway a bit, you need to let more light into the rest of the house. This is quite easy to do; get your windows cleaned inside and out and try to arrange viewings for late mornings or early afternoons to make the most of the light. If you do get hit by an April shower, then make sure you already have lots of side lamps to boost the lux factor.

Plant flowers outside as well

If you have a garden then plant some fast-growing flowers that’ll turn May and June into a colourful riot. If you live in a flat then think about window boxes or even some indoor plants. Your garden is one of your best weapons as it’s the first and last thing viewers see and they approach and leave, so you can’t spend too much time on it. Weed it, clean any paved or decked areas and make sure the gutters are cleaned.


We tend to put off those smaller DIY jobs because they’re small and can always be done the next time you have a spare hour or two. It’s the little things that make the difference, though, because the scuffed skirting board, loose cupboard handles and leaky bathroom sealant can put people off. Look at your home objectively, as if you were thinking of buying it, and fix anything that makes you pause.

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