Snap Happy – Good Pics Sell Properties

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Added on April 29th 2016

Snap Happy – Good Pics Sell Properties

We’ve all had a good guffaw over the world’s worst estate agent photos – except for those ones that made us feel empty inside, of course. It could never happen to you, right? Wrong. All it takes is an inexperienced photographer, taking photos at the wrong time of day, or a lack of staging to land your home on the wrong sort of property-porn website.

In the frame

Make sure the photographer frames what you want people to see. Taking time to achieve good composition makes rooms look spacious and invites viewers to look over the whole space. If a wide-angle lens is involved, keep it away from furniture as any large objects will fill the foreground.

Poetic symmetry

Everyone loves symmetry, so the photo should be balanced, with no objects crowded on one side. You don’t have to get everything in a room in the same photo if it’ll upset the balance or distract the viewer – that’s what cropping is for.

Stoop to conquer

The photographer should crouch and take the viewer into the room, making an easy “path” for the eyes. A lower angle puts the furniture to its proper scale, as well as making the viewer imagine they’re sitting in it.

Consider the small screen

Good compositions are essential for small screens. Many a house has been bought after a first “meeting” on an iPhone screen. Trim out ceiling space so that light-fittings and cornices show up well, for example. For this same reason, remove any fussy details that just show up as “noise” on small screens.

Turn off the lights

Yes, turn them off and open the curtains as wide as possible to let lots of natural light in. Book the photographer for a time when the best rooms get their best natural light – you have to work with what you’ve got. Don’t be scared of empty white space, either, as this highlights the size of the room. A well-placed rug or print adds to this effect, too.


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