How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Added on June 1st 2021

If you’re going to be working from home more, or even fully, after the pandemic ends, then you’ll need some strategies to maintain productivity. Some people thrive from working from home while others need to employ a few tricks to stay on track and happy. Here’s a few of our tried-and-tested favourites.

Create a designated workspace

There aren’t too many people who can get a full day’s work done while watching Jupiter’s Legacy on the sofa. If that’s your thing, crack on, but otherwise, you’ll need a definite Place Where Work Happens. Once you’re in the physical zone, you’re in The Zone.

Set strict working hours

In a similar way that having your work physically delineated, having it temporally marked out helps you to stay focused and also to know when to stop. One of the common issues WFH can bring is suddenly realising that it’s 7.00pm, you’re still working and the dog hasn’t had a walk yet.

Get dressed for success

The act of showering, getting dressed, putting your contact lenses in and having the first of many espressos of the day tells you that you’re in work mode. It makes you feel more professional and motivated, as well as being better for your emotional health than schlubbing around in your pyjamas.

Find a WFH social group

There might be a meet-up group for other home-workers near you, so join it and go along on a regular basis. It’s easy to feel isolated if you’re alone in your home office for five days a week, so getting out and seeing different faces is a real tonic. Similarly, arrange meet-ups with colleagues and do go to the office party.

Take a lunch break

You can often end up going without a break, or a drink, or food for a while when you’re working hard with no distractions or reminders like colleagues heading off to lunch, so set yourself some cues to tell you to take a break. This could be the radio schedule, an alarm, or just hunger pangs! You need to keep your blood sugar and hydration levels up or you’ll lose concentration.

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