The Great Outdoors – Five Outdoor Projects to Boost Your Asking Price

The Great Outdoors
Added on October 30th 2019

The exterior of your property is the first thing potential buyers see in the flesh (so to speak). If they’ve been wowed by your interior photos online, you don’t want to let them down with a lacklustre exterior so that their enthusiasm wanes with each step up the garden path. Help to maintain the love with these easy DIY projects.

Bust out the pressure-washer

The outdoors is all well and good,but it does feature quite a bit of dirt. What’s worse is that it can creep up on you so you don’t notice how much darker your path, patio and fencing has become. It’s easy and relatively cheap to bring it all back to life by jet-washing your outdoor surfaces.

Give everything a lick of paint

Once everything’s washed and dried off, you might realise that some areas need new paint. This might seem like a bigger job than jet-washing, but it’ll have an even bigger impact. If you can’t quite run to repainting your exterior walls, then at least repaint your front door, the window frames and any other fittings and trimmings that are looking a bit tired.

Stick to neutral colours on the windows, but go to town a bit more on the front door and paint it bright red as this is the most welcoming colour choice of all.

Check your fixtures and replace any tatty ones

Fixtures and fittings like your door-knocker, your doorbell, the welcome mat, door handles and outdoor lights date really quickly, even if they’re still in good condition. This is a fairly cheap quick fix and, alongside new paint, gives a whole new look and feel to your frontage.

For the most up-to-date look, go for streamlined, minimalist trimmings and obviously energy-efficient light bulbs.

Remove any blots on your landscaping

Improving or updating your landscaping can double your investment, so it’s a worthwhile project. One recent trend in gardening and landscaping is to use local or native plants so that there’s less maintenance needed to keep them looking great.

Low-key and organic-looking is the way to go these days, so you may need to rehome your gnomes and umbrella-toting plaster frogs…

Install or upgrade decking

A good-looking deck in the back garden can boost your asking price by several thousand pounds. If you already have one, treat it to a jet-wash and if you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for?

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