Tips for Reducing Condensation

Added on May 29th 2020

Condensation is unsightly at the best of times and, if it’s a permanent feature of your home or rental property, it can become a health hazard. Here’s a few ideas to help you to prevent or minimise this damp nuisance.

Make sure you’re always ventilated

Even in winter, you should open at least one window for a few minutes, especially if you’re in an older property. If you really have a problem, then a dehumidifier might be an option for the colder months. You can also check to see if your chimneys are blocked off, as this can prevent air from circulating effectively.

Stay alert for the signs

It’s not just misted-up bathroom mirror or a damp kitchen splashback you need to watch out for, it’s things like permanently damp walls, bubbling paint or wallpaper or even mould. This is when you could start to feel the impact of the damp on your health, so if you see signs like this, you need to take action.

Dry your clothes on an outdoor washing line

Of course, sometimes this isn’t possible, but do it as much as you can. Even in the winter, clothes can still dry if the air is relatively dry and if there’s a few rays of sunshine. If you do have to dry clothes indoors, do it as close to an open (even if just slightly) window as possible.

Use or install an extractor fan

If you have one, use it. If you don’t, install one. Cooking releases a lot of steam and if you can send it packing to the great outdoors before it gets a chance to escape from your kitchen, you’re on the right track. You should leave the fan running for 10-15 minutes after you’ve finished cooking, too. Another handy tip is to cover your pots and pans as much as possible to trap most of the steam.

Make sure your washing machine and tumble dryer are properly vented

Anything you can do to prevent water vapour escaping into your living space is a bonus. You’d be surprised by how much a hot wash can generate, especially when you open the washing machine door.

Leave gaps between furniture and walls

This is a really good and often overlooked trick. Most people want as much room as possible in the centre of their rooms, but by having large furniture items right up against the walls, you’re preventing the free circulation of air. Condensation can build up, unseen, behind sofas and other large items, leading to mould.

Open the bathroom window after a bath or shower

In the summer, if privacy permits, you can leave the window open while you perform your ablutions, too. If you don’t have a bathroom window, then use or install an extractor fan.

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