Updating Your Kitchen Without Gutting Your Bank

Added on April 22nd 2017

You use your kitchen every day and it takes quite a pounding over the years, which is why it can start to look tired or worn that little bit sooner than the rest of the house. If you’re cooking in a stale-looking kitchen these days but you don’t have endless funds with which to update it, you could try one or more of these ideas to give the heart of the home a bit of a lift.

Get new drawer pulls and cupboard handles

This is one of the cheapest, fastest and easiest ways to inject a bit of newness into your kitchen. Don’t, however, be tempted to go wacky – Hello Kitty handles, comedy corncob pulls – they get old surprisingly rapidly.

Paint your cabinets

A new colour, or a new finish, can give your kitchen a whole different look for just a few pounds. Think about your colours, though – aim for bright hues like lime green.

Change the cabinet doors completely

You could change your clunky old doors for glass-paned ones – frosted or clear. Or, you could remove them altogether in some cases, especially if the contents of the cupboard look good.

Have an accent wall

If you’re redecorating, then elect one wall to go a shade or two further than the rest of the room.

Try a striking pendant light

Ditch your old overhead fluorescents or your angled halogens and install a big globe pendant light. This can add an entirely new look and feel to a kitchen for a reasonable outlay.

Redress your windows

Change your old curtains for brighter ones, or try a new colour. If your window is next to your sink, try a blind instead so you can pull it up while you’re doing the dishes.

Fit a backsplash

Backsplashes are, by their nature, only small, so they won’t cost a fortune but they’ll have a big impact, especially if they’re brushed copper, or made from interesting tiles.


Get a new work-surface

This needn’t be expensive and if you’re stuck for ideas, you could just make this one change – it’s a big one and there’s lots of options out there.

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