Waste (Space) Not, Want (Buyers) Not

Added on August 6th 2018

Broadband provider TalkTalk recently conducted research that found the average British home has wasted space worth £34,000. The survey asked 2,000 UK homeowners about how they used the space within their homes and it turns out that on average, an astonishing 15% of the dwelling is completely unused.

Where is the most wasted space?

UK homeowners really are missing a trick because the most unused areas are the ones that can really add value – the garden shed, the attic and the spare room.

A spare room is one of the more lucrative spaces because it can add up to £100,000 to the asking price if it’s turned into a bedroom. Other uses include a home gym or an office – offices are increasingly in demand because more people work from home – a home cinema or a playroom.

If you have a good sturdy garden shed then you should clear it out, paint it and make it more of a feature. It can be an outdoor playroom, additional living or guest space or even a studio.

Similarly, the attic isn’t just a spider sanctuary or the depository for old and unused possessions. If you have an attic, you probably don’t need to go to the hassle of a loft conversion to get the most out of it. If it’s in good repair, then all you need to do is make some cosmetic changes or put in an extra window and you’re good to go.

Make sure there’s good wi-fi in these new territories, though

One reason the survey respondents cited for leaving these areas unloved was the lack of a good signal. Wi-fi blackspots need to be banished and you need to demonstrate to viewers that they can still stream GoT while hanging out in the shed with their mates.

Not only will good connectivity attract buyers, it could ramp up your asking price, too. The TalkTalk survey also found that 25% of its respondents would pay £12,000 or more for a home with no blackspots.

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