What Makes the Ideal Garden?

Added on June 30th 2017

It’s summer, we’re all out in our gardens, or dreaming of our ideal garden… Your garden is a hugely important feature of your property and can make or break a sale.

If yours is a bit lacklustre, or a bit outdated, then you can boost your chances of a sale and a decent price by including one (or more) of these dream features to your garden space.

A swimming pool

This is the biggie, and of course not everyone has the space or the budget! If you can squeeze one on, even a small one, you’ll reap the rewards. If it’s way beyond you, though, then a garden room or a hot tub won’t hurt.

A pizza oven

This is a bit more achievable, as well as very trendy as people are choosing to make their own beer, their own yoghurt – and their own pizzas – these days. You could go the whole hog and build an outdoor kitchen.

A sauna

Then there’s the sauna, which will keep your garden in use even over the winter. This is in keeping with the recent hygge and lagom movements that have swept the world.

On a small budget

So, you can’t quite run to a pool, but how about a water feature or a pond? If you shop around, you could pick up a fountain for a decent price.

A pizza oven is a more realistic prospect than an entire outdoor kitchen, too, as they can be had for as little as £200. You could spend £1,000 or more if you want to, but this is still cheaper than a tennis court or a hot tub!

Think seasonally

Your garden can’t be used all year round, of course, but having a feature like a pizza oven or a sauna could extend your outdoor enjoyment into autumn and even winter if it’s not sleeting! There’s something comforting about gathering around a hot oven in winter, sipping mulled wine while you wait for your homemade Primavera!

If all else fails…

No matter what feature you decide to bring into your garden, or even if you can’t quite manage any of the, you should make your garden as bright and welcoming as possible. Tidy it up, plant some bright flowers, pressure wash the flagstones…it all helps to make a difference.

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