What NOT to Do in the Bedroom

What NOT to Do in the Bedroom
Added on January 29th 2020

Ideally, your bedroom should be welcoming, calming and practical. It’s often a hard balance to strike between all these elements and having an attractive bedroom. Of course, many of the elements are up to your choice, but here are some things to definitely avoid in your bedroom, especially if you have a lot of viewings coming up.

Don’t use too-large or too-small bedside tables

If your table is too small, you can’t fit the essentials – lamp, phone, glasses and books – on it. If it’s too big you can dominate the space and maybe run out of room to walk around.

Too high or low can also make it difficult to reach out to in the night or in the mornings when you need to check your messages and put on your glasses.

Don’t have too many (or too few) pillows

You’ll make your bed look busy and fussy and also feel cramped and uncomfortable. You’ll almost certainly end up jettisoning a few onto the floor in the night, or spend far too much time rearranging them.

Having too few pillows can look a little spartan – and not in an efficient, minimalist way. Your bed might look cold and unwelcoming as a result.

Don’t have a small rug

You might think that a small rug is best as your bed will cover a big portion of it, but having a big rug in the middle of the room and as close to the walls as possible really adds to the cosy factor. Even if you have a carpet down already, a plush and expansive rug is another layer (literally) of comfort and luxury.

Don’t have a mis-sized headboard

Make sure that your headboard is proportionate with the height of your bed, mattress and also the size of the bedroom itself. If the headboard is too wide, tall or otherwise “off”, it’ll really show.

Don’t use too many items of furniture

Too many items of furniture can make your bedroom feel crowded and also restrict your movement. Bedroom furniture is large anyway, so instead of a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, for example, try a combination piece so that you’re not making too much of a footprint.

Don’t use the wrong curtains

If you’re a light sleeper then you might prefer darker, thicker curtains, whereas if you need to wake up fairly early, thin or gauzy window treatments might work better for you. Getting this wrong can be a tiring mistake.

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