What to do in Your Garden this Summer

Senior woman gardening on balcony in summer, shot through glass.
Added on June 24th 2022

Everyone loves to get out into the garden during the summer, but it’s not all about lounging around with a cool drink – there’s a lot to do to keep your garden looking good, especially if you’re selling.

Grab your secateurs

June and July are the best months to start deadheading roses and other blooms, as well as removing any excess buds to divert growth into a few showstoppers. You should also take extra care with your borders, making sure you’re removing as many weeds as possible so that they’re not competing for water.

Harvest your soft fruits

If you’re growing any soft fruits or berries, then now’s the time to start enjoying them. You can eat them straight off the plant, or preserve them for the winter months by either freezing them or making jams.

Do lots of careful watering

Watering your garden is no longer about pointing and spraying; you have to think carefully about every litre so that you’re not using too much of this valuable resource. 

Water your garden in the evenings when the soil is cool so that you don’t lose any to evaporation. If there are any hosepipe bans in your area, try to save water from rinsing or cooking vegetables and use it on your seedlings and younger plants.

Get mulching

Use lawn clippings and similar materials to mulch trees, lawns, vegetable gardens and fruit bushes. Using mulch helps the soil around the plants to retain water, keeping the roots cool and hydrated, as well as providing nutrients as the mulch rots down.

Feed your plants

Summer is a busy time for most plants, whether they’re for eating or for admiring, so now’s the time to give them a liquid feed in their water to help them along.

Look out for pests and diseases

Make sure you keep on top of pests and diseases in the garden so they can be treated at the earliest possible stage. Mildew is especially problematic in hot, dry weather, and red spider mite can be a real nuisance.

Insects and other pests are also very busy in the summer, especially red spider mites and aphids, and mildew can develop in very hot, dry weather. If you spot any problems like these, take the appropriate steps immediately to prevent them spreading.


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