What Your Front Door Says About You

Added on March 31st 2022

The colour of your front door is the first thing visitors notice about your home when they come to visit and it can actually be very revealing, offering insights about you and your home. Here’s what the colour of your front door says about you.


Red is a popular colour for front doors and makes a definite impression on visitors. Having a red front door often means that the people living in the house are very lively and strong minded, so visitors can expect a warm and vibrant welcome.


There are lots of different shades of blue, but a mid to dark shade means that you’re calm, laidback and see your home as a refuge. If you have a lighter shade on your front door, you probably yearn for the great outdoors and the wide blue skies, so you’re more likely to be out and about than your dark blue counterparts.


Black front doors are unusual, but they ooze sophistication and wealth, as well as a serious and considered approach to life. As long as you lighten your exterior up with some bright walls, a black front door can make a great first impression on people.


White is traditionally associated with purity and calm, and it gives others the impression that you and your home appreciate serenity.
A white front door can mean that you’re a very calm homeowner who appreciates simplicity rather than frills and flashiness.


Grey front doors are becoming more popular and if you’ve opted for this colour for your front door then it signals that you’re sophisticated but reserved. Grey is an understated version of black, so your guests can expect to be well looked after and made to feel special.


A green front door could indicate that you prefer harmony and nature over the urban hustle and bustle. It could also mean that you’re not one for big statements, choosing instead to blend in with your environment.


Yellow is a serious statement colour, being one of the most unusual hues for a front door. It shows optimism and extroversion, as well as a cheerful determination to stand out. Mustard or deeper yellows are often best, as well as sunny yellows. Bright acid yellows can show the dirt easily and don’t fit in well with most environments, so it might be best to avoid this part of the palette.


An orange front door is very welcoming, it suggests you’re warm and friendly, while also being very outgoing and enthusiastic. Orange is believed to stimulate the appetite, so your guests can probably expect to be well fed when they visit.

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