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Which Day of the Week is Best for Movers?

  • 12 months ago

Which Day of the Week is Best for Movers?

The most popular day for movers is a Friday, with around one in four house moves happening on Friday. The last Friday in August is the UK’s most popular moving day of all, which is probably something to do with schools going back in the first week of September.

Friday might be popular, but is it the best day of the week to move to your new home?


Friday can be the most stressful day to move

While a Friday move gives you the entire weekend to unpack and find your feet before going back to work on Monday, it can also be the most stressful, especially if something goes wrong.

Your bank might not be able to make the transfer in time, especially if your Friday is at the end of the month, or your estate agent might take longer to get the keys to you as everyone else is moving as well!

Even though you’re moving house, everyone else is geared up for the weekend, including tradespeople and removers, so you might find it tougher to get help over the weekend.


You might prefer a Monday move

Monday is the UK’s second favourite moving day. This is partly because some people do get delayed on the previous Friday and have to wait it out over the weekend. 

However, moving early in the week means your bank manager, solicitor, estate agent and removers are ready for action that day – and the day after. 

An early week move also means you can take a bit more time to pack and clean over the weekend than you would if you were still at work during the day.


Midweek moves

Tuesdays and Wednesdays can be a bit quieter for removal companies, so you might be able to get a cheaper deal if you plan a midweek move. You also have the same advantage as Monday movers in that all your people are hard at work and not even thinking about Friday yet.


Weekend house moves

If you’re not in a hurry to vacate the property you just sold, then a weekend or bank holiday move might be your best day. A weekend move needs all of the transactions to have taken place, however and this is only possible on weekdays. 

A weekend move is most likely ideal for you if you’re not in a chain and you have all your possessions in storage so you can take your time and not hold anyone else up.

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