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Look forward to working with only the best, most enthusiastic and dedicated property professionals at Elliot Oliver. We’re always here to help you sell or let your property – with more than 30 years’ combined industry experience!

Our goal is to give you an exceptionally high standard of personal service that achieves fast and efficient results for you as an individual. We take pressure off you during home moves or property refurbishments – and help you get more from your property.



I’ve been in the property industry for 30 plus years so you could say it’s in my blood, especially as my father had built two houses of his own while I was in my teens. I learned early on to see the potential in houses and flats, even when they looked a bit run down.

What makes a great estate agent is having a strong interest and passion for property but also a love of the whole process, from valuing a house to finding a buyer and completing the sale. Encouraging buyers to see the possibilities of a property, even if they initially didn’t think much of it, is always a buzz and I still love watching “George Clark’s Amazing Spaces” and “Location Location Location”!

In this industry understanding people is also essential, as you’re going on a journey with your clients. You must remember how it was for you when you were renting, or when you bought your first property, so you can empathise with people going through the process themselves.

If I could choose to nose around two celebrities’ houses – I would go with David Beckham and David Attenborough. I’d love to see David Beckham’s country pad in the Cotswolds and check out his collection of football memorabilia. With the other David, I’d like to see what wonderful things he’s amassed from his adventures.

My life isn’t all about property (believe it or not!). My wife and I have managed to travel the world in recent years, due to our passion for sport. We’ve competed in marathons in the USA, Japan, Germany and France, as well as Ironman across Europe. Our children have picked up the sport bug by playing football for Prestbury Phantoms, water polo for Cheltenham and rugby for the Old Pats.

When I do have some downtime, I love to head up to Dunkerton’s as there’s always something going on there and of course I enjoy a cider and a burger from “Woozy Pig” van.



I’ve been an estate agent for more than a decade now and although my background is in sports science, I’ve always loved property so my role as sales director at Elliot Oliver is a brilliant and inspiring role for me.

I started off in a junior role but I’ve made a lot of progress and worked my way up, mainly because I enjoy working with people and enjoy the buzz of the sale. To be a good estate agent you need to be able to join the dots between people and properties. You need to be able to get the best price for your client and keep the chain progressing to make the move happen as smoothly as possible. It’s also vital to be able to see the hidden potential in a property and to help others to see it too.

Elliot Oliver is a brilliant place to work as it’s come from opening in 2016 to now ranking amongst the top estate agents in the town, dspite there being lots of chain estate agents around here. Hopefully we’ll carry on growing and improving year by year and expand further.

My ideal sale is an unusual one. I’m a huge fan of horse racing and football, so I’d love to sell Jonjo O’Neill’s racing stables at Jackdaws Castle in Cheltenham to former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard.

When I’m not dreaming of showing my heroes around racing stables, I’m busy being sporty myself as I play football and cricket for Hatherley and Reddings CC and I’m hoping my daughter Molly turns out to be as fond of sports as me. It’s not all hectic, though, as we also like to walk our dog Lucky on Cleeve Hill and in Pittville Park, as well as spend time in the 131 or Harry Cook’s.



Before becoming an estate agent I was in various retail and sales roles for more than ten years, so you could definitely say I’m a natural salesman! I’ve been an estate agent for several years and my people skills have helped me to progress to senior sales negotiator and I’m planning to learn more about valuations.

To be a good sales negotiator, you need to be able to listen to both sides of the equation – the vendor and the buyer. The vendor is your client, but you need to make the buyer happy as well as the seller in order to make the property sale happen. It’s about building up trust and keeping the communication going.

My ideal sale would be a multi-million property in Battledown – preferably with no onward chain – and the sale would go through with no complications. So far this hasn’t happened, but you can always hope! My own dream property is a villa on a Greek island

Occasionally, sales just fall through and you simply have to pick up the pieces and keep everyone moving forward to make things happen. Some properties end up being “third time lucky” for us so you have to keep the faith and keep everyone motivated.

Outside of work I’m pretty busy. I love to spend time with my family and I take my dog Ralph on a lot of walks around Cleeve Hill and Pittville Park. I’ve always lived in Cheltenham so I know all of the best places to walk in and to hang out at.

Travel is a big passion of mine and I’ve always got plans for my next trip – I’m hoping to go to Japan in the next couple of years, as well as Las Vegas and other big cities in the US.

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