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Are You Re-doing Your Kitchen? Go One Step Further

  • 6 years ago

The kitchen is the room to focus on when it comes to home improvements so if you’re finally getting around to re-doing yours, you should think about more than just re-hashing it; you should aim for a total overhaul.

Think space

How big is your kitchen? What do you need to fit into it and how much free space do you need for eating and hanging out? Consider stacking ovens and microwaves into tall vertical units to save space while maintaining (or creating for the first time) the eternal fridge-stove-sink triangle.

Aim for a minimalist layout so that you have the maximum floorspace available as this will be the most appealing when it comes to buyers. Of course, if your kitchen is big enough, then you can furnish it a bit more.

Make more space

Could you knock a wall through into a small dining room? Or could you reclaim some space by changing the size and layout of your units? An open-plan kitchen is the best when it comes to making it the heart of the home as you can cook at the same time as entertaining guests or helping with homework.

Work with what you have

If you have a long, narrow kitchen space then fit it out as a galley, with each side of the room having well thought out and positioned appliances, workspaces and access to utensils.

Square kitchens are just made for an island centre-point as this offers extra storage space, workspace and eating surfaces.

The floor is also important

You have much more choice than you ever did, but you still have to match your flooring to the overall style of your home. If you’re going for a sleek, modern look, those rustic Mexican tiles aren’t going to fly, are they?

Think about your work surfaces

These also have to fit in, as well as be durable and easy to look after.

What is your kitchen’s purpose?

Is your kitchen strictly business-only, or is it a space for you to hang out with guests and family as well? Is there a TV, do you listen to music in there? If you stay in there a lot, then you need a breakfast bar and maybe even a corner table with comfy chairs. If you have a lot of dinner guests, then an island is probably the way to go.

Lighting up your life

If you don’t have much natural light in your kitchen then you might be able to fit a skylight or at least some pull-down overhead lamps that will lend a Scandinavian feel to proceedings.

Is there enough storage?

Have an eye for the future here, especially if you’re planning to sell. Make sure there’s enough space for all the crockery, cooking books, gadgets and, of course, the actual food to go in. Think about an American-style double fridge-freezer as they save a lot of space and can store a lot of food.

Maybe a complete overhaul isn’t within your budget just yet, but start making plans and do what you can well ahead of putting the place on the market.

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