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Autumn Sales Are Go!

  • 6 years ago

Autumn isn’t just the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, it’s also the best time of the year for selling your property. Everyone’s back from holiday, the children are safely ensconced in school and anyone with itchy feet is imagining Christmas in a new postcode.

Don’t just expect nature to do everything for you, though, as you should put in some effort to help things along.

Have a seasonal clear-out

Put away your summer things, like sunhats, picnic blankets, cricket gear and anything you still haven’t unpacked from your holiday (you’re not alone…). You won’t be needing them for a few months!

Make sure everything in the garden is also set for autumn – don’t leave the barbecue out, looking neglected and rusty – and clear away sandpits and scattered toys. It’s also time to start your schedule of raking leaves and cutting off dead-heads.

Clean your carpets

If you have carpets anywhere in the house, invest in a professional clean because it’s amazing how much dirt they collect. Cleaner carpets look brighter and lighter and even feel newer, so it’s worth paying for a thorough job.

Review your lighting

Autumn still has quite a bit of daylight to start with, but as it goes on, the days get shorter and you’ll need to start putting lights and lamps on. If any bulbs have blown or those older energy-saving bulbs really are looking dim, it’s time to replace them with brighter ones. You can also bring in some more lamps – try whiter bulbs for bigger, lighter rooms and bulbs with slight yellow or pink tones for smaller, cosier spaces.

Open the windows as much as you can

Although the encroaching winter might make you want to shut them and draw the curtains, try to air the place as much as possible and especially before viewings. If it’s really cold outside, shut them 30 minutes before the viewing and turn on the heating.

Speaking of heating…

If you haven’t had the heating on all summer, give your radiators a quick once-over and bleed them even if you don’t think it’s necessary. If you haven’t had your boiler serviced this year, now’s the time because if viewers hear strange gurgling, they’ll want to know what it is.

If you have a wood burner or a working fireplace, then spark it up because nothing invites people in like a crackling little fire.

Get your autumn on!

Invest in some new throws and cushions in autumnal colours and, as Halloween approaches, get some pumpkins for the front porch or doorway. It’s all about the natural, rustic look these days, so aim for as natural-looking as possible.

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