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Becoming More Sustainable

  • 5 years ago

We all want to make our homes more sustainable, but many of us are deterred by the thought of shelling out thousands of pounds on an air source heat pump or a huge solar panel array.

It doesn’t have to be like this, though; at least, not to start with. While you’re saving up for your panels or heat pump, you can get cracking with some other changes that the planet will love.

Look after your boiler

More than half of the UK’s energy spending goes on heating, so if you make sure your boiler is always in top form then you’ll be able to minimise this expense.

If you turn your thermostat down by a degree or two then you’ll be saving fuel and money. You’ll also avoid putting too much stress on your boiler, as this can lead to premature problems. Having an annual service is important, too, as your boiler will always be working as efficiently as possible.

Bring some plants inside

Anything from an entire living wall to a few extra pot plants will do. As long as there’s a bit more greenery around, you’ll be improving the quality of the air in your home. Many plants absorb harmful gases and other pollutants; they also give out oxygen and just make the place look and feel more natural.

Stop so much heat escaping

Even if your boiler is as efficient as possible, there’s no point pumping out a load of heat for most of it to escape through the walls, floor and roof. Installing insulation in your loft, sealing up little cracks in windows and floorboards and maybe investing in wall insulation won’t break the bank but it will slash your energy consumption and your bills.

Hit the flea markets

Browse flea markets, charity shops and swap sites for furniture and decorations, instead of buying new. You’ll be saving the items from landfill and also reducing your usage of plastics and other packaging. Buying second-hand is almost always cheaper, too.

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