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Bring in More Zen

  • 5 years ago

Life is coming at us pretty fast these days and for many, their only real refuge is their home. Even at home, though, with screens, news, social media and wondering whether to go vegan for the week, things can feel too fast-paced and fraught.

If this sounds like you, then you need to find a bit of zen in your life.


Zen is all about keeping it simple, both within and without. In many ways, it’s easy to start with your environment, because you can just remove clutter and open out your living spaces. You may have lived with too much “stuff” for so long that you’ve stopped noticing it, but it’ll still be overstimulating your brain. Find new homes for those old trinkets, piles of clothes and magazines.

Come back to earth

OK, you may love bright décor, in which case, keep it. However, if your wallpaper and colour scheme is a bit too busy in some or all of your home, then it may be time to bring it back to neutral. Try some soft light browns, pinks and even greys and see how much you relax.

Soften your floors

We all love our wooden floors, but there’s something comforting and luxurious about stepping onto a rug, especially straight after a wooden floor. Rugs can also dampen down echoey sounds in your living space, creating a more muted, relaxing vibe.

Introduce soft, natural fabrics

Swap out as many synthetic materials as you can so that you’re eliminating that staticky, unnatural feeling when you get into bed, or recline on your sofa. Bring in woollen blankets, soft cotton bedding and cushion covers that you actually look forward to sinking into.

Learn to love the simple

Decorations and household items don’t have to be fancy or even colourful. If you have lots of knick-knacks and frames all over the place, they can make your home feel crowded. Streamline your ornaments and pictures so that you have only the ones you really love on display. You don’t have to part with the ones that don’t make the final cut if you really don’t want to; you could put them into storage.

Create a screen-free zone

Bad news, celebrity gossip, family squabbles and constant pressure to buy things… These are just a few of the downsides to being permanently connected to the outside world. To reduce this stress, have at least one zone in the house where there’s no screens. Your bedroom should definitely be one, as well as one reception room. If you can’t see or hear notifications, you’re less likely to be sucked back into your virtual world.

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