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Choosing the Best Removals Company

  • 4 years ago

When you’re finally ready to move, you’ll want the big day to go as smoothly as possible and an important factor in this is your removals company. You need to choose the best company you can so that your belongings arrive at the other end on time (and in all the right pieces!) and, maybe even more importantly, so that you feel confident with them.

The first thing to do is to get a few quotes so that you can make a shortlist. You should be open about your requirements with each company, especially if you have furniture that needs to be dismantled, or a piano, antiques or any other item that needs special handling. This means that you’ll get the most accurate quotes possible right from the start.

Ask for an in-house assessment

You should get a few of the companies round to look at your property, because they won’t just need to look at your possessions, they’ll need to look at your stairs, your entrances and exits and where they’ll be able to park the vans safely.

Make sure the company you choose has enough insurance to cover all of your possessions from end-to-end. You may need to take out additional cover yourself for some items, and your removals people will advise you here. A minimum level of £50,000 is advised.

Avoid cash payments

Reputable companies should want to be paid by card or bank transfer. Of course, you can offer to pay cash, but beware if the company only accepts cash.

Ask about the delays policy

Some companies charge by the hour for delays while others might include reasonable delays in their overall fee. Of course, some delays might not be your fault, so find out what types of delay are billable.

Does the company offer boxes and packaging materials?

Most companies will give you the packing materials and boxes, even if you’re planning to do most of the packing yourself. Others will hire out the boxes, so find out if the supplied materials are free or whether you can save money by collecting your own.

Furniture disassembly

Similarly, dismantling furniture or disconnecting household appliances might come as part of the package or be subject to an extra fee, so you need to find this out beforehand.

Helpful and professional staff members

A uniform, even if it’s just a branded t-shirt or sweatshirt, usually shows that the company is professional and wants to be visible to the public. All the staff members you speak to should be friendly, able and approachable, both in person, in writing and over the phone.

The complaints procedure

Things can always go wrong, so find out which professional or trade bodies the company belongs to and what its protocol is for raising a complaint. Look for removers who are members of the British Association of Removers, as this body can help with grievances or problems.

Check the feedback

This can include online reviews, but you can also ask to speak to previous customers, especially if you have some specialist requirements.

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